March 24, 2023

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Alex Bailey Attacks Barrow ‘I’m Talking About Free Love, You’re Free Roto’ / ‘Evil’

The controversy involved is relentless Alex Bailey hand and barrow On the other hand. A sentence uttered by the second broke out at Big Brother Phoebe’s house Alex replied Arrived on Instagram. It seemed there, but after a few minutes, Billy wanted to increase the dose, and this time launched a new attack on Costantino della Gherardesca’s nephew on Twitter.

However, the actor not only wanted to respond to Barrow’s words, but struck him with precision, and went on to touch on the weaknesses he had shown in this path at home, highlighting them. “Dear Barrow, I understand your sense of humor – Alex began his tweet – but I don’t share your free ransom…”

Alex Belle Asphalt Barrow: “Where is your style?”

Talk about real evil, then, Alex Bailey In his tweet which, however, does not end there. In fact, the actor attacks again, affecting Barrow in his “Kings”: “Speaking of free love, you are a free roto, but where is Baron? Where is the prestige of your nobility and your loyalty?” So Alex Belli is officially starting a new showdown that could deepen tomorrow, during the Big Brother Vip semi-finals. On the other hand, the actor is not the only one who has accused Barrow of not being very brave in recent weeks; How does he defend himself?

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