Late January/early February 2023 games for PC, cloud and console –

Late January/early February 2023 games for PC, cloud and console –

Microsoft announced the upcoming games Xbox Game Pass for PC, console, and the cloud to The end of January 2023 and the beginning of February 2023. Let’s see the full list:

  • Hi-Fi Rush (Cloud, PC, Xbox Series X | S) – January 25, 2023
  • GoldenEye 007 (cloud and console) – January 27, 2023
  • Roboquest (Game Preview) (console) – January 30, 2023
  • Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (Cloud and Console) – January 31, 2023
  • Inkulinati (Game Preview) (cloud, console, PC) – January 31, 2023
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R (cloud, console, and PC) – January 31, 2023
  • Darkest Dungeon (Cloud, Console, and PC) – February 2, 2023
  • Grid Legends (Cloud) EA Play – February 2, 2023
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed – Game of the Year Edition (Cloud, Console, PC) – February 7, 2023

The name of the moment is certain Hi-Fi RushNew game from Tango Gameworks. It’s a third-person action game announced today during Xbox Developer_Direct and immediately released for PC and Xbox Series X | S. You can see the trailer and details at this address.

Among the newcomers out there bend down, a strategy game on medieval manuscript pages. We’ll have to use Ink to draw creatures and bring down Inkulinati’s opponents. You can read our latest test at this address.

Games coming to Xbox Game Pass between late January and early February 2023

Finally, let’s see what they are Games that will be removed from Xbox Game Pass As of January 31, 2023:

  • Donut County (cloud, console, and PC)
  • Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master (Console and PC)
  • Telling lies (cloud, console, PC)
  • Worms WMD (cloud, console, PC)
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Tell us, what do you think of the end of January 2023 news for Xbox Game Pass?

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