“My men will liberate Moscow” – Corriere.it

“My men will liberate Moscow” – Corriere.it
to Andrew Nicastro

Russian anti-Kremlin: “I believe that the Putin regime can only be fought with armed struggle. I am the Russian de Gaulle, and I am not afraid to go home.

Russian gets along with Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky
It is a rare commodity these days. At least like Putin’s not yet poisoned opponent or (former) deputy of the Moscow State Duma who hopes to defeat Russia. But Ilya Ponomarev Don’t be afraid to be original. Billionaire at 30, deputy at 32, exile at 41, one Listed on NASDAQ in New York
One of his companies is 43 years old Not to be underestimated. With his bodyguards at the door, revolver on his belt and cup of tea in hand (“Don’t worry, my boys checked it”) he says confidently, “Yes, of course you can write it, because the political scheme is exactly the same: I am the Russian de Gaulle”.

what does it mean?

“I am the only one who believes in the armed struggle against Vladimir Putin’s regime. The only sure thing is that at the time of Putin’s collapse, the Free Russia Corps, which is now fighting under the banner of the Ukrainian army, will carry out essential work. To keep the Russian Federation together».

What will they be?

“Those Who Killed Daria Dugina on August 20”.

Did you ask for it?

“The NRA works independently, I am its voice. And they explained to me that the target should have been the father and daughter. Dugin Sr. calls himself the creator of the idea of ​​”Novorossiya” at the basis of the invasion. It was the operational arm, the radical belligerent, that imagined the fire in the prison of the Azov battalion, and 50 were burned alive. Father and daughter should have died together, and instead, she went at the last minute by car with another person the Russians didn’t want to be identified. He might be a spy.

Do you think the Russian people will welcome your legionnaires after killing so many recruits?

I return to de Gaulle’s example. Then he was also shooting at the French Vichy, and the French against the French, and no one had anything to say.

Tell me about your legion.

«They are Russians, more than 400 and less than a thousand, fighting against Putin’s army under the Ukrainian flag. The waiting list is 10 thousand people. Before they are accepted, they must also be examined with a psychologist and a polygraph. The process is slow. But it wouldn’t take that many to march on Moscow.”

Is it overkill?

When Zelensky takes back CrimeaRussian patriots will overthrow Putin, the system will collapse and my corps will come to Moscow to lead the popular uprising.

No police, army, 007, Wagner mercenaries to stop you?

“Historically, when a leader collapses, state structures are pulled aside, waiting to understand who will replace him. So they put themselves at his service.”

Why don’t those structures kick Putin out now?

Russia today operates on fear like Stalin. Putin invented Wagner’s mercenaries and Kadyrov’s Chechen militia to weaken the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff. They spy on each other ready to report to the Kremlin. They hate each other, but no one is strong enough to take down the others. They all need Putin to defend them.”

Where does all this power come from?

“From corruption. To make a career in Russia you must have stolen something, so Putin has a dossier to blackmail you with. It’s the same on all levels, if you’re clean they won’t trust you and they won’t let you join the club. Instead, if you’re not Competent at best, they will pass on to you.”

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