Google Maps now shows you the future, no more unwanted dangers | New save feature

Google Maps now shows you the future, no more unwanted dangers |  New save feature
Google Maps

Google Maps gets us there easily, but we don’t know what we’ll find on the way, yet. The new feature is the future.

When we decide to do… a tripespecially in a place we are visiting for the first time, we like to know Before leaving What will we see, what the weather will be like and whether or not we will get stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, we cannot yet predict the future however Google He tried and succeeded too.

In fact, jobs Google Maps They have been updated with specific software that allows us to have a very clear idea of ​​the path we will encounter and all its incidental externalities. Google Maps doesn’t just show us City streets that can be traveled on foot, bicycle, car, or other means of transportation.

There are also some More detailed functions Which literally shows us the city as if we were there in our bodies. The new function is called Immersive display It is aimed at those who want to explore Google Maps routes in a really accurate way. The artificial intelligence of Google Maps makes this possible thanks to the images provided by both Street view From the satellite.

Using the global view you have the possibility to do this To explore Certain areas of a particular city in such a precise way that we feel like we are there. This new function can be created pre- How will you be? time And if there will be a lot passage At a specific time in a specific place.

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Immersive vision: a look into the future

This function allows us to do that Become familiar with With the city we are about to visit, because we can actually explore it in some way hypothetical Thanks to Google Maps and, above all, the comprehensive view. Therefore, we can also feel more confident when going to explore unknown places: we can study them even before we set off.

Not only that: this new function also allows us to know in advance how to do it The weather will change throughout the day Very accurately and delivers well Green data. In fact, the comprehensive view informs us as well Air quality Which we will find during the trip and upon arriving at our destination.

Immersive View -
Immersive View –

Where you can use the comprehensive offer

Because it requires this new update to run Lots of dataGoogle has, at this time, restricted the use of the global view for some city From the world. Meanwhile, the company has ensured that it will do its best to expand the one-stop-shop locations in the shortest possible time.

But at the moment, the ability to see a preview of places to visit is only for cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Paris, Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Tokyo, Venice. Google Maps also focuses on sustainabilityAnd creating green roads for travel while saving fuel. Low consumption methods are available for the US market USA, Canada and Europe.

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