Frascati Science: Researchers studying with students in May | Science

Frascati Science: Researchers studying with students in May |  Science
researchers from Science Frascati from month May 2022 They return “between school offices” to meet students Elementary school reach to Second year secondary. The project is called Researchers @ schoolwhich is the new business line of European Night for Scholarswhere researchers and science officials return to the classroom to conduct publishing activities directly within school structures. Science Frascati Its partners will propose a series of workshops e Gigalabs For male and female students. Activities will target two different age groups: Juniors 3 to 11 years old will become few researcherswhile boys Between 12 and 19 years old They will try their hand at Young researchers.

The project was born with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of research and innovation, improving trust in the work of researchers, bringing them closer to a younger audience, and helping to understand the key benefits that research brings to society in everyday life, reducing stereotypes about researchers and increasing gender equality in STEAM topics. and arts and mathematics) and last but not least, encourage the start of scientific careers.

Also announce the dates you appointment with European Search Night Which was selected this year in September 30. But, as now with tradition, Science Frascati – So this will be there night 17 – It will all be arranged science weekfull of events, From Saturday 24 September to 1 October 2022.

Liv – Wellness the future of the network It is the theme of the 2021 edition that was also taken up again in 2022, enriched by new ideas. Topics covered will resume some of the objectives European Green Deal: farm-to-table, biodiversity, circular economy, zero pollution, toxic-free environments, health and well-being, energy efficiency and building resources, safe energy, smart and sustainable mobility. The main goal is still from Making science accessible and enjoyable for all, impart a “popular” connotation, thus generating greater awareness of the impact of climate change, but also of solutions that have been found and made available by the scientific community.

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