La7, Friedman de Batista suit. “You are Chavez’s friend.” “I’ve never met. Respect, with Conte’s chair, he made an absurd spectacle”

La7, Friedman de Batista suit.  “You are Chavez’s friend.”  “I’ve never met. Respect, with Conte’s chair, he made an absurd spectacle”

sparks “Tuesday” (La7) Among the former deputy of M5s, Alessandro de Batistathe American writer Alan Friedmanwho, in a discussion on the war in Ukraine, sharply criticized the positions of his interlocutor: “We must not give credibility and value to easy Anti-Americanism to the friend of Chavez and the dictator of Iran. Here the war in Iraq has nothing to do with it. Like it or not Di Battista, Italian foreign policy for Draghi government I have changed profoundly since I was in the Yellow and Green government. Now there is a pro-European and Atlantic government, but you were Euro Skeptics, Succubus from China and Friends of Russia“.

Di Batista’s reply did not last long: “I don’t know why Dr. Friedman should be hinting instead of arguing. By the way, I I have never met Hugo Chávez, because he died before I entered Parliament. Obviously, her style of work is also what she showed today, when the leader of the main Italian party stood up and imitated BerlusconiTo her credit, she cleaned the chair she was sitting on. That’s his way of arguing, it’s not my way.”
He adds, “I have always thought that sanctions against Venezuela It’s about nationalizing oil and not violating human rights, because some people care about human rights every day. And only on the basis of whom people violate. If, as I conclude, this gentleman thinks of putting me under the microscope without controversy, he falls badly and may return to Detroit or Washington. Respect this country and the leading Italian political power without making these ridiculous scenes. Be respectful, because you are a guest of this country.”

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