February 8, 2023

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Biden from the US missile factory: ‘Ukrainians mock the Russians with our weapons’ – VIDEO

President of the United States Joe Biden Speaking from the Lockheed Martin plant in Alabama that produces anti-tank missiles that have been sent to Kyiv: “More than 5,500 Javelins were sent from the United States to Ukraine,” he told factory workers. “The Ukrainian military mocks the Russians from different points of view,” Biden said, adding afterwards that “there are even stories of Ukrainian parents who named their children Javelin and Javelina” and “I’m not kidding. He explained. Biden’s administration sent in total 33 billion dollars In military aid to Ukraine the American leader explained that “this money is a direct investment in the defense of freedom and democracy,” because “if we do not oppose the dictators, history has shown us, they continue to arrive and continue to arrive. …. The White House chief said that their thirst for power It is still growing. “Russian forces have committed many war crimes and the United States is leading the support of the Ukrainians to defend their country.” Biden then praised Lockheed Martin employees who touched every missile sent to Kyiv: “It changed people’s lives. He stressed that what I did Unbelievable.”

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