At least 40 miners died in a Turkish mine – Chronicle

At least 40 miners died in a Turkish mine – Chronicle

At least 40 miners died in a coal mine explosion that occurred on Friday 14 October in northwestern Turkey. The new budget was updated by the Minister of the Interior, Süleyman Soylu, who is at the site of the disaster. “We counted a total of 40 dead. 58 miners managed to escape,” Soylu said, while Energy Minister Fatih Donmez declared in tears, “We are nearing the end of the rescue operation.” According to Minister Suleiman Soil, 15 miners are still trapped in the mine. We are trying to save them. he added . This is one of the deadliest industrial accidents in Turkey in recent years. “We hope that the loss of life will not be greater and that our miners will be saved,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wrote on Twitter.

The explosion occurred in a mine in the city of Amasra on the Black Sea, killing 28 miners and injuring 28 others, 11 of whom were taken to hospital. Rescue teams are working to rescue workers trapped in tunnels 300 and 350 meters below sea level. According to Soylu, 49 of the 110 miners who were underground at the time of the explosion were killed.

“We are really facing a sad picture,” said the minister, who rushed to the scene, accompanied by Energy Minister Fatih Donmez. “According to preliminary information, the explosion was caused by Grisou (a gaseous mixture consisting of methane or other hydrocarbons that spontaneously form in coal mines and come into contact with the air in which they ignite and explode),” Donmes explained.

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Rescue teams tried to rescue dozens of workers trapped in the tunnels on Friday evening. Rescue and medical teams, as well as family members of the trapped miners, many of them with tears in their eyes, appeared in the first images broadcast by Turkish media from the entrance to the mine. Turkey’s state disaster management agency initially reported on Twitter that the cause of the explosion was a faulty transformer, but later retracted the statement. TheTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit the mine today.

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