Lancia Delta HF Integrale: an incredible model for sale

Lancia Delta HF Integrale: an incredible model for sale

We know that rare road versions of the Lancia Delta can cost a real fortune, but why should you pay a “regular” version so much? We did some research and discovered something.

We are all familiar with the Italian rally legend known in the century as Delta Lancia. This car is special in its racing version With Martini Which has accompanied the Italian brand for years in its official competitions, gave much joy to the company that was incorporated into the Turin Fiat consortium decades ago.

Here’s what makes today’s car special (Wallpaper Abyss)

Data in hand, delta certainly One of the most successful rally cars For ever tire fouling on the worst and toughest tracks on the planet: In nine years, Delta in all its preparations has completed numerous races, secured a total of 51 official victories and returned home 4 WRC Championships, with results better than those of the legendary Stratos that preceded it.

So easy to understand why civilian versions of Delta Lancia Highly desirable and why are they disappearing at excellent prices. But today’s one is really unique in terms of its build and streak that seems to be coming out of the future. The auction is still open but you need to hurry up: competition is fierce and prices are rising uncontrollably.

It costs more than a luxury SUV

The first thing to know about this special Lancia Delta example for sale car collectionOne of the many portals that car enthusiasts usually consult to find interesting shows with supercars and historical cars as heroes, is that it was not built by the Italian home. its production Thanks to the Automobili Amos team Which revolutionized the nature of the sample in question.

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Auction Notice (Auto Assembly)

The unique price and unique appearance of this specimen should not surprise you. This is because the car is a part Batch of 20 samples only Modified by AA in the 1990s. Obviously, the most obvious change is aesthetic: look what kind of futuristic frame this model can boast, to justify such a high cost!

Sample – No. 3 of 20 – Then I traveled a few kilometersI, a little over 2000. Last but not least, under the hood excels a 330-horsepower engine that guarantees interesting performance on the street or on an amateur circuit. So? Are you ready to bid before time runs out? Not much left.

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