Kovit-19: Tunisia seeks help from immigrants

The health condition is deserving Disaster By the Tunisian Ministry of Health.

With no figures reached since March 2020, the country is now talking about one Decline Of its hospital capabilities. The official number of cases today exceeds 445,000 people infected with the virus.

The current health situation is devastating […] The rate of cases has increased dramatically. The health system has unfortunately collapsedHealth Ministry spokesman Nisab Ben Alaya said on Thursday.

If we do not coordinate our efforts, the (health) catastrophe will get worse.

An excerpt from:Nisab Ben Alaya, spokesman for the Ministry of Health

Hospitals overwhelmed by the influx of patients, untreated patients, corpses saturated with the constant arrival of bodies, Tunisia is facing an unprecedented health crisis. On social networks, images showing patients on the floor are in circulation.

The bodies of the victims are denied by the corpses of the country with the maximum capacity of the country.

Photo: AFP / Fethi Belaïd

The field hospitals set up in recent months are no longer adequate: 92% of the public’s beds in the revitalization are occupied and those in the capital are overcrowded, according to the Tunisian Ministry of Health.

That number rises to more than 15,000 deaths for more than 12 million people. The first country in Africa to have the lowest number of deaths associated with COVID-19 is the Maghreb.

Immigrants were called upon to support their health system

Tunis on Sunday appealed to Tunisian immigrants based in France to make donations to support his country’s health system, which has collapsed under COVID-19.

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The Tunisian embassy in France urges Tunisians living in France […] Active contribution to the assistance of health institutions in Tunisia – medical and ancillary medical equipment and supplies – or in the form of funds, Along with a list of missing equipment, says on his Facebook page.

With the option of chartering a special aircraft for this purpose, the Embassy will operate in France to ensure the function of collecting donations, its facilities and its route., Refers to the message and emphasizes it Tunisian civil society in France […] Has always been with the Tunisians.

In Canada, about 30 citizens gathered in front of the parliament in Ottawa at 1 pm and asked the Cooperative Government to send the COVID-19 vaccine to Tunisia.

We are always families with deaths, why? Because we have no substance, Supports an opponent on the spot.

Canada has already promised Give 13 million doses of vaccines Financing the purchase of COVAX initiative and tens of thousands of other sizes.

With information from Agencies France-Press and Catherine Moras

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