Demers picks McQueen for Illinois and South Dakota

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What Happens in American Ambulance, Illinois and South Dakota

Demers, which is committed to improving its dealer partner network in the United States, is proud to announce that McQueen Emergency now represents the Demers brand throughout Illinois and South Dakota.

“At McQueen Emergency we are delighted to be entering the next phase Hurry“It simply came to our notice then.

“Entering the ambulance market with DBC as a partner follows another key value of partnering with the number one or two manufacturers in the market, and with DBC we feel we have had this and many more opportunities.”

MacQueen Equipment was born in 1961 in what is now known as the “Environmental Site” and operates in 7 states. MacQueen entered the EMS market in 2016, becoming the fire equipment vendor for four states.

Today, MacQueen operates 15 offices in 12 states, with 78 technicians and 93 service bays.

One of the basic pillars is customer service and commitment to doing it every day.

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Satisfaction with Chad Brown, Vice President of Sales in the United States for Ambulance, Demers Brown Crestline

“We & # 39; re excited to announce MacQueen Emergency as our new reseller partner,” said Chad Brown, vice president of U.S. sales for Demers Braun Crestline.

“MacQueen Emergency is an exceptional reseller partner. Their extensive knowledge of serving firefighters has made them a well-known name in their region and a parking lot for emergency vehicle needs.

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They bring a unique feature to our network, from the sale of new ambulances to the many service locations to after-sales support.

We know Demers customers will be more focused on working with MacQueen Emergency.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with them.

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Who are the protagonists of this move in the American ambulance market?

About Demers Ambulance USA, Inc.

With a strong and varied portfolio of Demers, Braun and Crestline brands, the company operates six manufacturing and service hubs across North America and employs nearly 1,000 people.

Each year, the combined sales of the Demers, Braun and Crestline brands make the company the second largest ambulance manufacturer in North America.

Its range of products for ambulances is limitedMedical ambulance Price sensible value of highly customized special vehicle.

To learn more about how Demers, Braun and Crestline can save more lives, visit, and

MacQueen equipment information

Founded in 1961, MacQueen Equipment is a diversified dealer in specialty emergency vehicles.

MacQueen’s Emergency Division distributes new ambulances manufactured by Demers Ambulance, while providing the highest quality emergency and environmental products and services to municipalities, contractors, airports and firefighters in the Midwest.

MacQueen is headquartered in eastern St. Paul Minnesota.

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