How to Create a Good First Impression at a Virtual Career Fair: Quick Guide for Students


Career fairs provide an excellent chance to build positive relationships with potential employers and land a job. However, they may also be intimidating, especially if you’re about to attend one for the first time. 

Virtual job fairs allow you to meet employers remotely from the comfort of your home. But just like similar in-person events, they require student job-seekers to do some preparation. In this article, we’ll guide you step by step to help you make a good first impression and have a successful virtual fair. 

Prepare for the Virtual Career Fair Beforehand

Register Early

Virtual career fairs often have limited spots. So make sure you register early to reserve yourself one. 

Besides, it’s good to have some extra time to prepare. For example, if a date of a fair overlaps an important paper deadline, delegate the task to an expert by asking DoMyEssay to write my essay online. You can also use their help with a personal statement, speech, or letter to make it authentic and error-free. 

Research the Fair Format and Employers

First, familiarize yourself with the format of a fair. Pay attention to the video conferencing and communication software you’re required to have. Test it beforehand. You may need to participate in various activities like a chat room, presentations, panels, etc.

Take a look at the program of a fair and see who is attending. You need to have a general idea of the companies participating in it, their products, and their missions. 

Work on Your Pitch

Before attending a career fair, you should prepare your “elevator speech” for your one-on-one sessions with employers. Tell them about:

  • Your professional background and education;
  • The job you are seeking;
  • Why you are interested in their company.
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It’s a good idea to tailor your response to the companies you’re most interested in and give their representatives thoughtful responses. 

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On the Day of the Virtual Career Fair

Dress Up

It’s crucial to look professional even if the fair is online. Dress up smart. Not only does it help you look presentable, but also business attire gives you a massive confidence boost. 

Find a Quiet and Professional-Looking Spot

You don’t want anything to distract you while attending a job fair. So make sure you have your setup in a quiet and comfortable space. 

Check how your background looks. It’s better to keep it neutral and clean. 

Stay Engaged and Ask Questions

Show your potential employers that you’re interested and engaged. You can do it by using your body language: maintain eye contact, smile, and nod when appropriate.

Don’t forget to ask questions. Sometimes, students get so nervous and focused on introducing themselves that they fail to keep the conversation going. Yet, this is crucial. If you prepare a couple of specific and thoughtful questions, it will show company representatives that you’ve done your research and are familiar with their company’s specialization and culture. 

Maintain Professional Communication

Clear and professional communication is key. When chatting with other attendees or companies’ representatives, avoid slang, informal language, and emojis. Your grammar, punctuation, and spelling should be free from errors. So always proofread what you write. 

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In live communication, be clear and direct. Make sure you listen and answer questions precisely. 

Follow Up

If you want to double your chances of hearing from companies you’re interested in, ask them how to follow up. You could email them, connect on LinkedIn, or send them your resume directly. Write a small thank you note the next day and express your interest again. It’s a good way to remind them of yourself and stay in touch. 

Final Thoughts

A virtual job fair is an excellent opportunity to connect with potential employers and showcase your talents and qualifications. Prepare with our guide, make a great impression, and skyrocket your job search!

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