Kilimanjaro, the Catalan company that revolutionized the quantum sector

Kilimanjaro, the Catalan company that revolutionized the quantum sector

A few weeks ago, few people knew that there was a company in Catalonia founded in 2019 and its name was… Kilimanjaro It is specific to the sector Quantitative statistics. However, in a week, specifically in four days, the scenario will be completely different thanks to its recognition as the best startup in the entire global technology sector at MWC. Specifically, this company is dedicated to the quantitative sector and has been able to develop the entire value chain of this sector so that they can Building a quantum computer from scratchwhich is much stronger and more efficient than normal and which continues to advance in technology.

In fact, explains Marta Estarellas, the company's CEO World economy They were able to do this from the software to the hardware to the microchips needed for the device to work. In fact, Estarellas commented that what really sets them apart as a company in this sector is their manufacturing Microchips. Currently, the business model of this Catalan company is based on a Subscription service For companies that need to use a quantum computer. In fact, the businesswoman commented that they have these computers physically at their headquarters in Barcelona and customers can connect to them and use them remotely. In fact, Estarelas adds that this service is only the first step of a more ambitious project that will lead them to create… The first quantum data center in all of Europe, which will be located in Poblenou, Barcelona. In addition to this first branch of its business, the company also sold two of its own quantum computers, one of which was to Barcelona Supercomputing Centre The other to a center in Abu Dhabi.

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The full team of the Catalan startup Kilimanjaro / Kilimanjaro

Within this sector, Kilimanjaro decided to bet on analog quantum computing, which is less sensitive to errors that can be made and can bring value to the digital sector much earlier than digital computing. However, we must remember that the quantum sector is a very, very young sector, with the first scientific papers published only in 1997, and there is still at least 15 to 30 years to go to start seeing truly significant results in this field. With this bet, Kilimanjaro falls to the bottom of the bracket.

Early rounds of financing

Looking to 2024, Kilimanjaro's plans are very clear: grow, grow, grow. In this sense, Estarellas explains that they are just closing their site First round of financing Instead of stopping, they want to open a second round of financing for the second half of the year. These two rounds aim, above all, to: Increase staff To the company by attracting experienced talent and purchasing new equipment and materials. In this sense, the CEO admits that competing against large multinational companies that bet on quantity such as Google or HP is complex and for this reason it is necessary to offer identical salaries. As for materials, the businesswoman explains that improving equipment will lead to working faster and having more freedom. In fact, they are in the process of getting their own products The first white roomIt is a space to experiment and develop new technology.

Another fact that can give them impetus is this award 4YFN. Hours after receiving the award, Estarelas commented to Mon Economia that this is a “very important recognition” that can give them a lot of visibility and that following it helps them get more and better funding. At the same time, he points out that it couldn't have come at a better time, as they are in this stage of growth in every way, and being better known always helps. As a final point, the CEO emphasizes that the award is for the 44 people working on Kilimanjaro who have worked hard in recent years to put the company where it is and who have believed in the project from day one, because it makes this an even more exciting and fulfilling award.

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