Traffic is open on the A-2 motorway towards Lleida, the last road affected by farmers' cutting

This afternoon, they announced, farmers and ranchers They lifted the blockade of the A-2 motorway between Villagraca and TarijaIt is the only road that protesters remained occupying after negotiations with the government this week.

The twenty farmers who spent the night on the A-2 left on time with their tractors, however Tasks to restore blood circulation In this 7 km stretch they stretched for hours.

Shortly before 7 p.m The A-2 road has been reopened in the direction of LleidaOnce the cleaning tasks are completed. Only the left path is open. The right lane had to be repaved and will be closed until midday Sunday until the asphalt cools.

in It felt like BarcelonaIt will take some time for the road to open to traffic. Workers are working to clean and renew the road.

Since early morning, the same farmers who remained helped remove the objects they had placed on the road and the garbage they had left behind.

Remains still burning after the protest was lifted (3Cat)

The decision to open the road was adopted on Friday in the General Assembly, although some farmers consider the agreements reached with the Department of Climate Action insufficient.

Tractors drive along the side of the A-2 after the blocks are raised (ACN/Alba Mor)

Firefighters, police and operators began work as soon as the farmers left the A-2.

On the other hand, farmers and ranchers warned that if negotiations did not progress They can resume packing for Easter.

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