Slovenia sets a cap on the price of gasoline. In Vencò queue hour

Slovenia sets a cap on the price of gasoline.  In Vencò queue hour

Placement of gas stations in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

While Italy discusses the possibility of reducing taxes on fuel, Slovenia is working on a measure that sets a ceiling on petroleum products, including the price of gasoline. By ensuring that there is sufficient stock in the country, the Slovenian government It announced its intention to set production fees at the lowest level and to start regulating retail prices for petroleum products. A decision to stop the increase in fuel prices, which was also recorded across the border.

Here in Italy too, the government led by Mario Draghi must agree Decree to limit hike in petrol and diesel pricesas well Reduce production fee to save 10%. Petrol and diesel prices They, in fact, have continued to rise unchecked since the beginning of the year. The latest results show that the national average diesel Exceeding gasoline: 2.3 euros per liter in service mode and more than 2.2 euros in self-service mode.

Likewise today also in Friuli Venezia Giulia There was a rush of distributors across the border, However from Vencò who has been confirmed as a favourite By motorists, they line up for up to an hour so they can refuel at the pump.

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