Do you know how far in advance you have to book to eat at Giorgione’s? beyond belief!

Do you know how far in advance you have to book to eat at Giorgione’s?  beyond belief!
The kind innkeeper, Giorgione – Instagram

Curious how far in advance you have to book if you want to eat at Giorgione’s? You won’t believe it!

Georgians It is without a doubt the most popular hostel in Italy. In fact, Giorgio Parchisi is an undisputed superstar Giorgione – garden and kitchen And Dear Gorgony And for many years now she has kept company with the Sky audience, more precisely with the Gambero Rosso channel, with her popular cooking shows.

However, the very nice Giorgione also has a delicious restaurant in Montefalcoin Umbria. In fact, the restaurant is called Barchiesi the middle It constantly attracts tourists who come from all over Italy to taste the delicious Giorgione dishes.

Midway Typical cuisine of the Umbrian tradition He is the true protagonist of every plate and dish. Specifically, the famous innkeeper has the same cuisine as him for his amazing dishes ruralAnd basicAnd genuine And localbut at the same time abundant And Full of flavors and aromas A model of our beautiful country, which he presents to viewers in his broadcasts.

But what all his loyal fans are wondering about How far in advance do you have to book To eat at Giorgione Restaurant in Umbria.

Central Giorgione: How far in advance should you book?

Scenery Gorgonian popularity And Its best dishessome fans of the famous tavern wondered how long in advance they had to book to go to La via di mezzo in Montefalco for lunch or dinner.

Needless to say, the answer to this question is really amazing. In fact, find a table available in the famous Umbrian restaurant It is really very difficult.

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Giorgione – Instagram

Dining at Giorgione’s Restaurant: This is the time of reservation

If you want to have lunch or dinner in La via di mezzo del Grande Giorgione Barchiesi taverna it is recommended Book at least two months in advance. Indeed, it seems that the queue to taste the traditional and authentic dishes of the famous innkeeper is really very long. particularly, On Saturdays and Sundays the place is always very full And it is almost impossible to get a table. In short, if you want to dine at Giorgione’s, pick up the phone and call!

After all, in addition to Giorgione’s popularity, it is also what attracts the attention of customers Money value From the offer made by the innkeeper. Specifically, La via di mezzo menu is fixed and you can sample several antipasti, two first courses and two second courses for only 35 euros per person. So, a very honest price if you also consider that the portions are really plentiful.

Finally, it should also be noted that Giorgione Barchiesi’s La via di mezzo is a club Pet friendly. Therefore, even your four-legged friends are allowed in the tavern.

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