Science says that the prevention and treatment of cancer can be facilitated by these precious microorganisms

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Italy, preceded only by cardiovascular disease. In the 2020 report Del Airtom There are 81,000 cases of cancer in women and 101,800 in men. It is also true that cases appear to be decreasing compared to previous years.

This is certainly due to advances in medical research regarding prevention and possible treatments against cancer. New technologies have allowed for earlier diagnosis and therefore much earlier treatments than in the past. However, we discover that science says that the prevention and treatment of tumors can be facilitated thanks to these precious microorganisms.

In fact, there are millions of organisms in our bodies that we know very little about. Only in recent years has medicine identified some very important things. Their presence is linked to the immune system as well as some diseases, including cancer.

Science says that the prevention and treatment of cancer can be facilitated by these precious microorganisms

3 recent studies have been reported from AIRC Which highlights the importance of germs. Germs are nothing but a group of organisms and viruses that live in the human body. These vary based on the regions in which they live. What caught the scientists’ attention was the intestinal flora, which is essential for metabolic activity and more.

One study suggests that the cause of some cancers, especially those that affect the intestines, is chronic inflammation of certain organs. Inflammation often comes from what we eat. This is why doctors are keen to reiterate how important it is to have a balanced and healthy diet. For example, here we saw what really happens to the body if you completely eliminate carbohydrates.

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What we eat is also essential to the survival of germs and thus the efficiency of the immune system. A Stanford University study found that eating fermented foods significantly reduced the number of pro-inflammatory proteins.

How to make treatment more effective

This is why by boosting the microbiota, we may be able to increase the effectiveness of cancer treatments. What happens is that some substances produced by the intestinal flora strengthen the ability of immune cells to eliminate cancer cells (University of Würzburg).

Presence of some bacteria (such as Bacteroides intestinalis) increases the degree of inflammation of the intestinal mucosa. Thus, inhibition of the IL-1 beta molecule, which is closely related to bacteria, can reduce inflammation. In this way, by acting on the germs, the negative effects of anti-cancer therapies can be modified (University of Texas). Furthermore, short-chain fatty acids such as butyrate and pentanoate can increase the effect of anti-cancer treatments. This determines that germs and tumors are linked and that the future of anti-cancer therapies may depend on this.


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