Gerops will be responsible for the three new weigh stations planned for 2024 on the AP-7

Gerops will be responsible for the three new weigh stations planned for 2024 on the AP-7

Gerops will be responsible for the three new weigh stations planned for 2024 on the AP-7Emporda

This contract, concluded by the Directorate General of Traffic and Mobility (DGTM) and under the EU-funded Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan NextGenerationEU, aims to create a network of high-speed weigh stations at strategic points of the road network in Catalonia, the largest project with this technology in Europe. . These systems will be used to pre-select vehicles exceeding legally prescribed weight limits, and subject them to on-site inspection through contrast conducted using certified and approved weighing equipment. The purpose is to improve the efficiency of controls, including optimal utilization of human resources mobilized on the ground.

Giropes, through its mobile vehicle weighing division Girwim, will install a complete system allowing comprehensive weighing and analysis of all vehicles, with the potential to develop towards an automated system for complaints regarding overloading offences. In addition, the installation of bridge-mounted ANPR and CCTV cameras, integrated into the system of high-speed weigh stations, will be included, capturing all vehicles in circulation.

In this project, in addition to pre-selection, low-speed weighing systems will be installed for which Giropes has received OIML R 134-1 Edition (Year) 2006 certification for precision class 0.5 and B, which allows sanctioned vehicles with 2 or more axles at speeds up to to 30 km/h and an approved penalty at speeds between 2 and 10 km/h.

The high-speed weighing stations will be strategically located on the AP-7 Highway, covering:

Extreme North – La Junquera

The northern access node in the Barcelona metropolitan area – La Roca del Valles

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The southern access node in the Barcelona-Martorell metropolitan area

The Girwim brand has been developing and participating in maintenance contracts and road penalty systems for over 10 years by installing WIM (Weight in Motion) systems around the world. The aim of these systems is to preserve roads and avoid their deterioration as a result of vehicles passing through heavy traffic accidents and pollution.

Giropes SL is proud to contribute to the development of innovative solutions that enhance road safety and efficiency in freight transport in Catalonia. We are committed to working closely with DGTM to ensure the success of this important project, scheduled for completion throughout 2024.

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