Friends 23: The Isobel Tragedy

Friends 23: The Isobel Tragedy

Federico Fashion Style –

Federico Fashion Style went on vacation in Sharm El Sheikh to recharge its batteries. Did he go out there with his new flame?

Federico Fashion Style He is still trying to get through this difficult period After the end of his marriage to the mother of his daughter. The two have been together their whole lives and after two years of crisis they decided to end their relationship permanently.

This caused the hairdresser great pain because the boy was very attached to his partner and her daughter. after the relationship ends, It became difficult for him to see the child This causes him great frustration.

In fact, even the boy physically is very trying. In this period, he had at least managed to let himself rest Traveling on vacation to Sharm El-Sheikh. However, many people want to know who the famous hairdresser went with. Is it his new flame?

Federico Fashion Style on vacation with his new flame?

After the hairdresser He announces to everyone that he is on vacation with his friends in Egyptmany wondered if a new flame was among them.

Federico joked with his friend Gwendalina in a story, saying: “Sorry Guenda made that face for a moment, I can’t say what I said, That face when I told you, what did you doDid you look at it as…Then the girl gives a conspiratorial look at a boy next to her who opens his hands as if to say I don’t know anything.

At that moment the hairdresser said: “What were we talking about?” At which point the former Gevina pretends to change the subject. Although Federico has said many times that he is single, more than one person has some doubts. The man continues to stress that his real priority now is his daughter And that I won’t be able to relax until you have joint custody.

Federico Fashion Style –

Federico’s amazing weight loss fashion style

This is not an easy period for Federico Fashion Style can also be seen from his body. In fact, breaking up with Letizia Porco It made him lose about 25 kg, a lot if you thought the hairdresser was really kind too. In fact, he is going through a turbulent period in which he is not able to see his daughter, Sophie Maele, as often as he would like.

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Many are worried about his excessive weight loss, which is evident from the photos published by the young man. However, someone has overstepped in the comments. In fact, the comments read: A mixture of Cairo mummy and grilled shrimp.

But at that moment, one of his followers intervened to defend him, and he wrote: “But why do you comment on the human body? You can cause damage and it is not constructive at all Because behind that is a story that each of us carries.”

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