June 9, 2023

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Kate Middleton, lace and colors for the Caribbean tour and what an understanding with William!

William and Kate’s royal tour of the Caribbean is coming to an end. Three countries were touched upon: Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas. Of all the institutional trips of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the last one proved to be the most complex. Kate Middleton and the Prince William They left for the Commonwealth of Nations to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee, but found themselves at the center of protests over Britain’s colonial past. However, among the resentment, the royal couple were also the protagonist of many carefree moments. Kate’s colorful wardrobe has not escaped the subjects, onlookers and fashionistas.

Kate “wears” the flags

Kate Middleton looks about the Caribbean tour
Blue Kate arriving in the Bahamas

In Belize it came in blue, in Jamaica in yellow (Struggling with the naughty wind, look here) and the Bahamas in turquoise: Kate Middleton It chose the colors of its flags to land in the host countries. A discreet but highly visible salute, which underlined how much Middleton’s appearance has been studied by Buckingham Palace designers. Warm greetings, festive smiles and kindness to those present: this tour was accompanied by the usual Duchess Grace. Elegance has also translated into clothing.

Caribbean Wardrobe

Kate Middleton looks about the Caribbean tour
Middleton at the Caribbean Military Academy in Kingston, Jamaica

From a floral dress from Tory Burch to vintage model lines from Willow HilsonIn the daytime Kate Middleton There was no shortage of illusions. Also space for color, from the red jacket of Saint Laurent To the emerald green dress from Emilia Wickstead, was selected to depart from Jamaica. For more important occasions, from dinner parties to military parades, Kate chose a mix of tulle and lace.

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In white sheath dress Alexander McQueen Worn at the Caribbean Military Academy in Kingston, Kate Middleton She was of endless beauty. There was no shortage of elegant sporty style, with artistic pants raw star g She wore walking shoes to visit an archaeological site in the Belize Forest. In terms of clothes, the Duchess did not miss anything.

love with william

Kate Middleton looks about the Caribbean tour
The Dukes of Cambridge are closer than ever

In the Caribbean there was also ample space to closely monitor the agreement between the two countries Kate Middleton and the Prince William. The two exchanged countless glances of knowledge, exchanged moments of joy, tried their hand at sports and music, and hugged each other in the most difficult moments of the journey. Married since 2011 and father of three, they looked as happy as two kids in their first crush. Fresh and ‘natural’, their love for the home grows. And at the height of the protests, protesters called on the couple to “return to the world of fairy tales”. Seeing them together, one might think that they are really living this fairy tale in the modern age.

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