Kalashnikov rifles, armored vehicles, and 4 million loot

It happened on the island of Sardinia shortly before 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday An attack straight out of an action movie: A group of eight to ten people dressed in military clothing Armed with Kalashnikov rifles They blocked traffic on a busy road, hijacked three armored trucks and took the spoils.

Seconds Medium Italian Corriere della SeraThe events took place on the state road – about 25 kilometers from the town of Sassari – and near a supermarket, where police could be alerted.

First, a group of bandits blocked the road With a chain and keys scattered on the asphalt. Two masked men wearing paramilitary uniforms stopped a garbage truck and forced the driver out at gunpoint.

And so are the aggressors They put the car on its side and set it on fire To prevent access. All of this caused collisions between other cars and spread chaos and terror among drivers.

Shooting to slow the convoy

Soon after, they arrived Three armored trucks belonging to the security company Vigilpol: Attackers' target. And at that moment, someone started Shooting to slow the convoy.

The first vehicles collided with the barriers and the driver was seriously injured. The other two trucks were stopped, and one of the drivers was injured in his leg.

Finally, the criminals managed to escape Boxes with money Of the armored vehicles they go to Drilling with circular saws.

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