Ali requests that the judge investigating the Russian plot be excused from trial

Ali requests that the judge investigating the Russian plot be excused from trial

Josep Luis Allai, head of the office of former President of the General Government Carles Puigdemont in Brussels, took it a step further: In an appeal to extend the sentence in which he was charged, the judge encouraged Joaquín Aguirre to leave the country voluntarily. He has now formally recused himself from the Volhoff case, in which the Russian plot for the operation is being investigated. Lawyer Gonzalo Boy raises two reasons for the judge's withdrawal from the case: the interview he gave to German public television and his comments during the interrogation of Victor Terradellas.

The lawyer says that the interview conducted by German television, in which the judge explained the content of the preliminary order to extend the investigation issued hours earlier, represents “an absolute loss of impartiality and, moreover, it is of a rare intensity: a judge gives an interview about a case he is investigating and speaks about what his thesis considers to be persecutory.” “It is not an investigation.” To bolster his argument, he points out that the judge's remarks were “pre-recorded” before their Jan. 30 broadcast, even though they were recorded on the same day, hours after the preliminary notice was served and distributed through the Cabinet Press. Supreme Court of Justice of Catalonia.

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The defense also alludes to the interrogation of Victor Tradellas, on May 11, 2022, in which, according to audio recordings published by El Mon, the judge alluded to phrases for which he later apologized, as Puigdemont fled Spain in the trunk of a car. The car or the reflection he makes on the phrase “pooing his pants.” According to Gonzalo Boy, these demonstrations deprive the judge, who attributes impropriety to him, and considers them to show that he is not “neutral.”

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