“Kadyrov was supposed to assassinate Zelensky before the invasion,” US backstory on Putin’s failed plan

“Kadyrov was supposed to assassinate Zelensky before the invasion,” US backstory on Putin’s failed plan

war Russia against theUkraine It doesn’t stop. And indeed, it sounds more like a prequel to a new premise escalation. And while He flies He continues to bomb many Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kyivwhich affects the basic strategic infrastructures, making the Ukrainian population lack water, electricity and heat, news arrives from abroad related to a hypothesis that has already been circulating in recent months, and is among the targets of The Kremlin There was the assassination of the Ukrainian president Zelensky. As mentioned before Wall Street Journalwhich was quoted by officials inintelligence and security forces, three weeks before the start of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which began last year Feb 24the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin Allegedly, it was ordered by the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov to They occupied the seat of government in Kyiv and assassinated President Zelensky. According to reports from Ukrainian officials, the Kremlin summoned Kadyrov three weeks before the start of the conflict to “study a strategy” to kill Zelensky.

Kadryov, last March 14 on Telegram Post a message Addressing Zelensky and his “gang” directly:Wherever you go, wherever you hide, our fighters will reach you. They will burn with napalm all your henchmen, anyone who encroached on the lives of the civilian population of Ukraine. Chechen special forces soldiers beat any representative of the Bandera waste. Anyone who dares to enter into a face-to-face confrontation will surely learn firsthand what a harsh Chechen punishment is. While Zelensky and his gang are holed up in their bunkers under a meter-long layer of concrete and iron, the worst expectations are already breathing down our necks! ”

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From the beginning of the conflict, the Chechen leader and very loyal to the Russian president assumed key and strategic roles, until he was promoted Colonel General From the Russian army, last October 5th. Currently, Kadyrov’s men will work to “discipline” soldiers He fliesAfter months of war and a long series of defeats and losses. After posting an indiscretion Wall Street JournalKremlin spokesman, Dmitry PeskovHe “categorically rejected the allegations” published by the American newspaper, describing the news as “Totally false and absurd», according to what was reported by the Russian Agency tax.

© Wall Street Journal | The Chechen warlord is doing Putin’s dirty work in Ukraine

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