Juventus What happens now after Allegri’s letter exposing the accusations: The scenario

Juventus What happens now after Allegri’s letter exposing the accusations: The scenario

A long story that led to the beauty of 12 awards ending badly between the possibility of court and the possibility of economic mediation

We loved each other very much. The story between Massimiliano Allegri and Juventus It ended in the worst way, with dismissal and a letter of complaint sent by the club to the third most successful coach in its history. A message to which the 56-year-old from Livorno responded by denying any kind of accusation and returning the ball to the server. So how will the story end? Perhaps in court although the possibility of the parties reaching an agreement midway that could completely put an end to the dispute cannot be ruled out.

Juventus accuses and Max defends himself

But let’s take a step back to understand what happened. Reasons given Juventus The premature dismissal of Massimiliano Allegri is evident in the coach’s behavior during and after the Italian Cup match with Atalanta. In particular, getting out of the field Cristiano Giuntoli, which almost everyone sees. In his response to the letter of complaint, the Livorno coach downplayed his behaviour, effectively rejecting all the accusations.

Possible moves for Juventus

Therefore, the positions are radically opposite. If they remain like this, reaching an agreement that could avoid the court will be out of the question. At this moment, Juventus is dictating its line, demanding a counter-response to its now former coach’s response. The most likely decision for Juventus is to move forward with this matter Dismissal for just cause, suddenly cut another year’s contract worth 14 million euros. For the coffers of the Piedmont Society, this would be a significant saving.

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Court or settlement: this is how it will end

But it is impossible for Allegri to accept such a measure. The former Juventus coach will oppose this through legal action, causing this to happen Dispute in the labor court. While for footballers, in fact, there is a specific body within the sport called the Guarantee Board, for coaches, the procedure is through ordinary justice. Reduced conclusion? Not really, because there is still a possibility that the two parties could meet halfway to reduce time and avoid an ending that would be too sad for a worthwhile bond. 12 awards.

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