Euroleague, Maccabi Tel Aviv-Milan 75-58

Euroleague, Maccabi Tel Aviv-Milan 75-58

A disastrous match for Olimpia (without Mitoglou) which drops by 16 and then goes back to -3 in the long interval: in the second half, it collapses again. Millie 10 points and 12 rebounds

AX falls in Tel Aviv, defeated by Maccabi: 75-58 Final. The position race for Olympia (who ran the field without Mitoglou) is punished by the previous Reynolds and Nunnally fires, Millie’s good performance (10 with 12 rebounds) not enough for the Reds and Whites (who push the bad percentages out of the ocean).


Best Maccabi at the start of the challenge, good reaction to the hosts who sign their first little break with dunks, Williams and Zizic. Daniels of the bow opens Olympia regaining offensive fluidity, the Israelis respond by finding comforting conclusions in the colored area, 8-7. The red and white defensive traps come into play, from Daniels’ effective doubling to Delaney’s sealed overtaking, 8-9. Welbecken tries to pick up the pace to take advantage of the yellow-and-blue transition, and two feet of Zycic and Williams give the Big 7 to the coach’s forces up, 18-11. Two of the referee’s missed calls hurt the guests, and the two-digit margin comes after Nunnally’s front three in transition, 21-11. Williams’ energy and talent is a factor in the challenge, a basket of 12-overs at first siren, 23-11. Milan are looking for new offensive blood, according to Bentel, but it’s always too easy for yellow and blue to get to the paint, 31-16 after a sensational drenching by Reynolds. AX begins to raise the defensive intensity, and the problem of Zizic who makes a void in the rebound attack remains, 37-21. There is more quality in Milan’s attacking style, and the influence of Delaney and Heinz in terms of strength and experience is good, making Olympia minus 8, 39-31. The red-and-white comeback continues with inspiration from Hall, there’s only one possession on the long post-blast break (helped by good luck), once again by former Bamberg, 40-37.

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After the break, the challenge stalemate does not change with Milan, who smells of overtaking after Millie’s soft jump, 42-41. The Israelis have a fire with Evans and Thomas in evidence, and the two-digit margin, 52-41, returns. Giallobl├╣’s advantage rose again in the fourth period opening, Nunnally and Reynolds placing two baskets of pure talent, 66-48 after Ziv’s absolute sinking. We are trying bravely to get back to Olympia but it’s getting late, Maccabi is closing in without worries, 75-58.

Maccabi Tel Aviv: Nunalee & Reynolds 14, Zicic 12

AX Milan: Hall 11, Milli 10, Armor 9

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