March 24, 2023

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Italian League: Milan – Atalanta 2-0, Pioli second with Ibra and Minian – Sport

Milan – Atalanta 2-0 register The chic Milanese at the end of fashion week, polished with fresh outfits and skipping pragmatic Bergamo opt for a French twist. Minute 25: Kalolo from the right, Gorod Tower, crosses a hat-trick for Theo Hernandez’s left-footed shot that turns off a post and Musso’s back makes it 1-0. On the evening of the fourth consecutive victory between the championship and the Champions League, which deserves to be linked to Inter in second place, the culmination comes from Ibrahimovic’s return to the field in the 29th minute of the second half, for Olivier Giroud. .

Thus, if the preliminary matches between Palomino and Djemcetti rewarded the Albanian defender, Pioli contented himself with finding Maignan in goal, five months after the last game of the Rossoneri. No small gift, another pat on the back for a team that already has self-esteem as it seemed impossible just a few weeks ago. Instead, the maneuver immediately emphasizes how light travels on legs and thoughts: Liao and Jirou search for and find each other instantly and continuously. The Frenchman fired a chest triangle, serpentine and reverse pass in the 17th minute for a shot wide with 60 seconds left. Liao allowed himself to heel after 281 seconds, but in the seventh minute Milan managed to overtake. Atalanta waits at first, but when it comes to relaxing, they’re two touches wide and fast. The tempo is very high and to stop you you need to master the feature. With Theo’s aim not only upsetting the balance but also repudiating the axiom that three pieces of evidence are needed to prove it. Eight days ago: the same procedure in Monza, another from Brianza Cioria with a refusal from Tatarusano, but the result is different and the ball ends up against the post again. After all, Pioli did not hesitate to say that the day before: the difficult moment was over. Atalanta, on the other hand, after the internal knockout with Lecce unable to change pace and not even close to joining the Rossoneri in the standings, which was possible last night. This is also because the second half leans towards the Rossoneri’s goal: in the 14th minute, Musso keeps his team alive first on Giroud (but with a flag that goes up later for offside) and on Leao. Who gives us strength first with a conclusion from the left, then takes very little in the middle of the break, at the end of the triangulation started by Diaz and completed by Tonali. However, what really let loose was Messias in the 25th minute, shooting the first blue ring from a small area. But happy notes erase mistakes and Ibra’s return, welcomed by the roar of San Siro, monopolizes the finale. At least until Messias doubles, a result far from being questioned: Leao vertical, Messias running away central and a touch down the outgoing Musso. On Saturday, Pioli said he wanted the 1,000th seat in the Rossoneri. To follow the future, on the day of the 800th race in which he participated as a coach, he painted the colors of the past. Overtaking the nerazzurri from Atalanta, and reaching the standings of those who trained on the other side of Naviglio in 2017. It would be difficult to ask for more.

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