“Mario Rui takes a great penalty, I was expecting more attention from Var. We want to protect as others do”

Napoli coach Walter Mazzarri, speaking to DAZN’s mics, complained that his team did not get a penalty in this afternoon’s match against Napoli: “We played a great game, but we did it. Also with Fiorentina. If you go to see 94″ We had a 10″ dip in the first half, we lowered ourselves a little bit, and then we all did, which resulted in an impressive 5-6 points. There are episodes to review. When so many goals are wasted up front by the goalkeeper I can’t even blame him My players, if these acts happen 100 times in 99 goals you score. We’re going to deserve another 4-5 points for how the matches go. It’s general. It’s bad from that point of view, but we’re putting strong players under.”

Want to comment on the Mario Rui-Altare episode?
“I saw him from behind. Since Mario Rui is an experienced guy, he saw the ball jump over him, he threw himself like a basketball and the referee was cheated from that moment. Altare moved, he didn’t. Mario Rui takes a great penalty. The referee made a great match, From his point of view maybe he’s deceived. But the VAR sees Altare moving. I’ve watched all the matches and often put his leg in the box, a player fell and called the VAR. If the referee didn’t see a foul, which he wasn’t there, that’s a push from Altare On Mario Rui the VAR calls the referee and gives the penalty. Maybe he was wrong, but I wanted to get this penalty. It’s a pity that Marelli isn’t around. Do it, maybe he wasn’t there, that Altare did nothing. In my opinion it’s like that ‘You can’t always keep a different streak. I wanted to take that penalty, which we probably made a mistake like Fiorentina. Altar moves so as not to miss, Mario Rui had the experience and throws himself in. We missed goals that are easier than a penalty in the match anyway.'”

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President Giulini commended the ruling.
“The president doesn’t watch the episodes, I showed it to him. I don’t want to stir up controversy, but I was expecting more attention from the VAR. I also praised the referee.”

What is the secret of this different situation?
“Sometimes it is not easy to give an explanation and then there are things that are better not to say. You arrive at the race, you find a team that is already formed, they seem to follow you and then you go onto the pitch and that is not the case. Before the transfer market we could not do So. So many things, so many choices. We had the guts, the club came after me and we are satisfied that in very few matches we bothered the team, we took the children into football as I did so many other times and I am able to do so far. Sees football Different because the team follows me. With so many players, they’ve placed bets, as with Altare who played in C, Obert, Bellanova last year, that’s the biggest satisfaction. We’re missing a lot of points for what we’ve done in the last races.”

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