Juventus, negotiations open regarding Copminers: Hoysen Card, Perkasi and the distance with Atalanta |

Juventus, negotiations open regarding Copminers: Hoysen Card, Perkasi and the distance with Atalanta |

The target has been long circled in red And written in large letters in the now famous “Pizzino” market with all your favorite names Cristiano Giuntoli For a summer signing campaign which should give Thiago Motta one Juventus Competitive again. This is Teun Koopmeinerz for whom, with Atalanta, there are negotiations at stake that remain very open.

Perkasi confirms and gets the price –
Yesterday evening, on the sidelines of the “La notte della C” event at the Milan Triennale, Luca PercassiThe CEO of the Bergamo club confirmed the openness to negotiations: “Giontoli? I did not see him today. If Koopmeiners calls, I will answer, as I always do with everyone, God forbid. The market is always unpredictable.” .
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Mug made in Italy –
There has already been a call, and there will be others in the coming days and weeks with a very specific will that comes from the player. The midfielder, born in 1998, had previously announced that his desire was to bid farewell to Atalanta in the summer, provided that satisfactory offers were received. He has many possibilities on the table away from Italy, especially in the Premier League, but at least for now he has been given a chance The priority is to stay in the Italian League.
La carta hoisin – Juventus is interested and has been negotiating with Atalanta for some time on the basis of a not very high cash offer in which a high-value technical counterpart is included that could be beneficial to the Bergamo club. Sacrificing young assets in order to get a player ready immediately, but at least until a few days ago no player name could be found. After the final day of the Italian League, or rather after the recovery of Atalanta and Fiorentina, something changed. The serious injury suffered by Scalvini will keep him out of Bergamo for a long time Gasperini is looking for a high-value defensive reinforcement that can adapt to a three-man defence. Here comes Dean Huyson’s role, after his return to Juventus after his loan to Romabut consumed in the process.
A matter of numbers – the distance there, This is undeniably linked to Atalanta’s valuation of Copminers’ price sSimilar to what Juventus is doing with the Dutch centre-back born in 2005. For the Perkasi family, their jewel is worth at least 60 million euros It is a number that Cristiano Giuntoli considers too high and who is still working to reduce the fixed cost. For the defender, however, the Bianconeri expect offers of no less than €30 million. Hence the hottest stage in the negotiations passes. It’s a difficult number to reconcile, at least for now.

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