BMW 1 Series: redesigned for the new generation

BMW 1 Series: redesigned for the new generation

Change internal code – BMW announced an update BMW 1 series As the fourth generation of its compact model. In fact, the changes are significant and go beyond those usually reserved for the classics Hair restylingSo much so that the Bavarian brand assigned a different internal code to it: F70 Instead of F40. The new BMW 1 Series maintains the model’s typical proportions. more Lengthanytime arrives 436 cm (+4.2 cm), and the height rises to 146 mm (+2.5 cm), while the wheelbase and width remain unchanged, 267 and 180 cm respectively. Changes made to BeforeIt is flatter and lower than before. The grille has a new structure with vertical and diagonal bars, while the standard LED headlights feature vertical elements for daytime running lights and direction indicators. In the crease of the C-pillar is a graphic element bearing the number 1, while the long roof spoiler and side air deflectors emphasize the elongated shape. The new 1 Series is the first BMW to offer an optional contrast roof.

Internal revolution – The most obvious is the generational leap withinPassenger compartment, which adopts the new style. It changes it completely DashboardWhich features the fully digital BMW Curved Screen and combines two screens, one for the instrument panel and the other for the infotainment system, measuring 10.25 and 10.7 inches, respectively. the number of buttonsSo much so that even climate control is controlled through the screen. The cabin is completely finished with leather Seating Newly designed, which promises a high level of comfort for long journeys: all heated and electrically adjustable as an option.

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Outside of the ā€œIā€ and the evidence – the new BMW 1 series It is the company’s first model to adopt the brand’s new naming strategy, which Eliminate the “I” From gasoline models to be reserved exclusively for electric cars. At the top of the range is M135 XDriveWith a 2-liter, 4-cylinder engine with a power of 300 horsepower, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. The other petrol option is the 1.5-litre 3-cylinder engine 120With a power of 170 hp. there Series 1 F70 Don’t give up on me dieselcontinue to offer an alternative 118 D With a power of 150 hp and 120 D From 163 hp. Both 2-litre 4-cylinder diesel engines. 120s, petrol and diesel, equipped with technology 48 volt mild hybrid, to improve efficiency and power delivery. All versions transmit power to the front wheels (except the M135 which is integral) via the standard 7-speed Steptronic dual-clutch gearbox: for the first time in the history of the 1 Series, a version equipped with Manual transmission.

More solid and technological – In order to improve dynamics, BMW has increased Structural rigidity Of the body and chassis connection. The chassis technology features improved kinematics, pre-loaded anti-roll bar mounts and new damper technology. The steering angle has been increased by 20% for better stability and more communicative steering. With optional package M Sports The Adaptive M chassis has been added, which comes with sports steering and 18-inch light-alloy wheels, in addition to lowering the car by up to 8 mm. Various automated driving and parking systems are included as standard or optional equipment. as standard We find the forward collision warning system, lane departure prevention system, warning when exiting maneuvers, and traffic sign recognition. Among the options, various technologies can be selected such as automatic assistance system when exceeding speed limits and lane indicator when using active cruise control with stop and go function.

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