Lukaku debut is not enough for Mourinho

Lukaku debut is not enough for Mourinho

Rome – With me Giroud’s goal (pen) e LiaoMilan beat Roma 2-1 and won its third consecutive league victory. Not for the Giallorossi Spinazzola’s goal is enough to reopen the race. In the second half, Pioli’s men remained ten (Tomori kicked out) And Mourinho joins the fray Lukaku. The Belgian centre-forward participated in the hosts’ final attack, came close to scoring, and recovered the yellow card, but failed to drag Roma to a draw. Mourinho’s men (who protested the penalty that opened the game) got to half-time with just one point in three days. Watch the live broadcast of the challenge…

11:28 pm

Cristante: “We have to do better”

Brian Cristante analyzes the home defeat against AC Milan. “Events make the difference. We definitely have to do better. Now we have a break that we have to use to recharge and start again. There’s not much to add: we have to start winning and that’s it.”. Cristante tracks the first three days: “In the first two games we created a lot and we had no luck. We must certainly do better. Lukaku is one of the best strikers out there. He always made the difference and he will now.”

11:15 pm

Mourinho remains silent

And the Roma coach decided not to speak at the end of the match. Mourinho, who long protested the penalty that opened the match, will remain silent (Read all…)

11 p.m

Pioli: “An important victory against a difficult opponent”

“An important victory against a difficult opponent”, stefano Pioli, At the end of the match, he expressed his satisfaction with the performance and result of the Rossoneri. “I am satisfied with the result and the team’s performance. What did I think in the end? I liked the way they started the game the most, the chances they created, the chances we didn’t concede and their possession of the ball. We are definitely seeing some good performances from the team. In the first hour we saw a good level of Milan, then we received something outnumbered, but even with ten players the team was cohesive, attentive and generous.

10:46 pm

90 + 7′ – The final whistle: Milan defeats Olympico

Seven minutes into extra time, Rapuano sends everyone into the locker room. Milan beat Olimpico thanks to goals from Giroud and Liao. Spinazzola in the final, reduced the distances in front of the Giallorossi.

10:45 p.m

90 + 6′ – Okafor booked

Foul by Okafor, Zalewski grabs the shirt: yellow card.

10:42 p.m

90 +4′ – Zalewski almost scored

Zalewski’s dangerous shot from a good position: a shot that deflected off the line and ended up just outside the goal.


90 +2′ – Spinazzola reopens the match

Spinazzola enters from the left and shoots with the right: a shot deflected off course and fell behind Mignan. Rome reopens the game.

10:38 pm

90′ – Six minutes of injury time

You will play until the 96th minute: the match manager allows six minutes of injury time.

10:33 pm

85′ Lukaku is shown a yellow card

Lukaku loses the ball, then returns at full speed in defense, but intervenes very roughly on Okafor and is punished with a yellow card.

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10:29 p.m

81′ – Spinazzola tries

Roma attack, Milan defend with full force: Spinazzola positions himself and kicks with his right foot, sending the ball over the crossbar.

10:27 pm

79′ – Mourinho plays the Pagano card

Jose Mourinho plays with all his might, bringing in young Pagano in place of Mancini. Roma front wheel drive.

10:25 p.m

77′ – Two substitutes in Milan

Pioli summons Liao and Pulisic and enters Okafor and Chukwueze.

10:20 pm

72′ – Lukaku tries from the edge of the goal

Lukaku didn’t think twice and immediately tried to conclude: after a ball from Belotti, he kicked the striker with his right foot, touching the crossbar.

10:19 pm

71′ – Mourinho enters Buff

Another alternative to Roma is looking for new powers. Mourinho enters Bove instead of Paredes.

10:18 pm

70′ – Pioli removes Giroud

Pioli’s counter-move: Giroud exits, Bobega enters.

10:18 pm

70′ – Lukaku enters: the Belgian’s debut

The first appearance in the Giallorossi shirt for Romelu Lukaku. The Roma striker enters the field with Spinazzola. Outside of Celik and El-Shaarawy.

10:17 pm

69′ – El Shaarawy tries

A beautiful descent for El Shaarawy, who flies away and kicks with his right foot: Magnan blocks.

10:12 p.m

63′ – Pioli runs for cover

Change in Milan. Pioli remembers Loftus-Cheek (who was also booked) and enters Kalulu.

10:09 pm

60′ – Red for Tomori, Milan in the tenth

Milan remain 10th: Tomori, already booked, fouls Belotti. Rapuano extracts the second yellow card for the Milan defender.

10:03 p.m

54′ – Lukaku warms up

Lukaku, along with other members of the Giallorossi bench, started the warm-up.


51′ – Loftus-Cheek almost scored the third goal

Fantastic play from Milan who easily sent Loftus-Cheek to shoot (after a good number of Liao’s). The conclusion, without fail, deflects into a corner.


48′ – Leao’s masterpiece: 2-0 for Milan

Double Milan, the champion played by Leao. The striker pounced on a Calabrian cross and, in a scissor-half kick from inside the penalty area, scored behind Rui Patricio.


46′ – start of the second half

It starts again: the start of the second half for Milan.


45+4′ – First half

Four minutes into overtime, Rapuano sends everyone to the locker room. Milan advanced 1-0 thanks to Giroud’s goal from a penalty kick.


45′ – Four minutes of stoppage time allowed

They will play until the 49th minute: four minutes of extra time allowed.


43′ – Theo Hernandez, angry

Leao Theo Hernandez who flies left and wreaks havoc on the yellow-red defense starts: low cross, wide for a corner kick.


34′ – Leao Danger receives a yellow card for Loftus-Cheek

Liao suddenly swerves into the area and overtakes Mancini, crossed on Rui Patricio’s exit and header saves Celik’s goal. As play continued, a kick from Loftus-Cheek resulted in a yellow card.

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30′ Change in Roma, with Aouar leaving and Pellegrini entering

A muscle injury for Aouar forces him to leave the field. Pellegrini takes his place without warming up. The French midfielder suffered from a problem in his left thigh muscle.


26′ – Attendance figures: more than 65,000 spectators

Roma fans responded again: according to official data, there are 62,000 Giallorossi fans in the Stadio Olimpico. 3,500 Milan fans instead.


22′ – Miracle by Rui Patricio

Milan are very close to doubling the score: Theo Hernandez assists Pulisic, who fires without fail at the far post, and finds a response from Rui Patricio, who saves the Giallorossi.


19′ – Yellow for Tomori

Tomori obstructs Belotti in midfield. Rapuano stops the match and shows the yellow card to the Milan defender.


14′ – Liao is dangerous

Nice descent Leah is on the left. The Milan striker outplayed Celik and went deep: a dangerous cross and a two-step deflection for Renders. His shot was deflected into a corner.

8:58 p.m

10′ – Mourinho is angry

Roma coach is very nervous after the penalty kick awarded to Milan (Read all…)


9′ – Milan ahead: Giro

Giroud takes a penalty kick and takes out Rui Patricio. Lean forward.


7′ – Penalty kick for Milan

The referee, after reviewing the pictures in the mouse, awards the penalty kick to Milan. Mourinho angry on the bench.


5′ – Loftus-Cheek is dangerous. Rabuano mouse

Close exchange between Loftus-Cheek and Theo Hernandez. The midfielder appears in front of Rui Patricio, gets a rebound, but then falls to the ground in protest at the referee. Race director Rapuano was called in by Farr.


1′ – The start of the Roma-Milan match

The Olympic Challenge has begun. Kick-off for Roma, who attack from right to left in relation to the central stand.


Mourinho: “Lukaku? He hasn’t played since June. Let’s see how he can help us”

Roma coach Jose Mourinho Talk about Lukaku’s case: “He played his last game at the end of June. He never trained with the team and never touched the ball. He did an individual job. He was a great professional, because he arrived in an unpredictable state. Very bad. Let’s see how” he can help us. Something similar happened with Paredes who trained alone in the summer and out of necessity played right away and was on the field for 45 minutes in Verona. We didn’t have a perfect prep season. We need to improve the players with the games.”. Mourinho declares that he did not say anything in particular a Lukaku convinces him to accept Rome: “I haven’t told him anything. I know him well, he’s someone who needs to feel loved“. Today, Mourinho returned to the bench after being suspended. “It definitely feels different. The decision I made last year has ramifications for this season.”

8:27 p.m

Long conversation between Lukaku and Pellegrini

Before returning to the changing rooms, the Giallorossi captain Lorenzo Pellegrini and Romelu Lukaku They were the heroes of long conversations. The two will start the match from the bench.

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8:21 p.m

Pioli: “A complicated match against Roma”

Milan coach Stefano Pioli In the previous match: “It will be a difficult match against a good team.” From a tactical point of view, it will be worth evaluating Calabrian position. “Can he play more in midfield? We’ll see. It also depends on how their full-backs play with our players.” Milan in the UEFA Champions League It is painted in an iron set. “I liked the reaction of my players. We know that we have to fight in every game. Will we face Donnarumma and Tonali? They are two players who gave everything for Milan and it would be nice to play them.”


Smalling: “Lukaku will help us”

Chris Smalling, the yellow and red defender, spoke a few minutes before the start of the match. “The match against AC Milan will not be easy, but we have confidence and we know what we have to do.”he said to Dazn Microphones. “Lukaku? I know him well. He’s a great player and he can help us a lot. I spoke to him during the negotiations and now he’s here with us”.

7:56 p.m

The official lineup for the match between Roma and Milan

Roma (3-5-2): Rui Patricio; Mancini, Smalling, Llorente; Celique, Paredes, Cristante, Aouar, Zalewski; Ploty, El Shaarawy. Coach: Mourinho

Milan (4-3-3): Minyan. Calabria, Theao, Tomori, Hernandez; Loftus-Cheek, Krunic, Reynders; Pulisic, Giroud, Liao. All: Bioli.

7:49 p.m

Lukaku returns to the locker room

After being greeted by the fans in the South Stand, Lukaku returned to the dressing rooms. “Let’s leave it to warm up,” the speaker said. Many cheers from the fans addressed the Belgian striker and the Giallorossi team.

7:47 p.m

Lukaku enters the field

Romelu Lukaku In the midfield, he greets the Giallorossi fans. After the first applause, the new striker appears under the southern stand, and the Stadio Olimpico erupts.

7.45 p.m

Lukaku show begins

an offer romelo Lukaku, In an Olympic stadium that is not yet crowded. “The giant, the hero, chose Rome” Words of the speaker in the Roman stadium.


Ryan Friedkin arrives at the Stadio Olimpico

Giallorossi Vice President Ryan Friedkin arrives at the Olympic Stadium to watch the Roma-Milan match.

7:00 pm

Rome-Milan, statistics and curiosities

Milan are unbeaten in 10 of their last 11 league matches against Roma (W6 D4), and have always managed to score at least one goal in the group; The Rossoneri’s only defeat in this period was a 2-1 draw on 27 October 2019, with goals from Edin Dzeko and Nicolo Zaniolo.

Olympic Stadium – Rome

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