Higuain announces farewell to football

Higuain announces farewell to football

“I feel pain in my soul.” On the other hand, he has lived his whole career at the mercy of feelings, through thick and thin. On this day, he was clearly overwhelmed with emotion. Gonzalo Higuain announced his retirement from football, in a special press conference held afterwards by Inter Miami coach Phil Neville. Il Pipita introduced himself visibly shaky to the microphones, took a letter and began reading after two deep sighs: “Thank you for being here, I’ve been thinking about my career these days and have written a few lines. This is the time to reach out to you. News I think about often: I bid farewell to football, a profession that made me feel privileged.” From there he regained his entire career: River Plate, Real Madrid, the three years he spent in Naples in which he rewrote Serie A records until his move to Juventus. “When the Bianconeri decided to pay the condition, it was incredible: you became the best paid Argentine player in history. I was young with Milan and Chelsea, but it is an honor to wear those shirts. Finally, I thank Inter Miami, for the trust, happy times and support in difficult times including In it my mother’s disappearance and me being given the chance to play with my brother.” Then, when he thanked the family, he couldn’t hold back and let himself cry.

the decision

Before sending questions from online reporters from all over the world, all of his colleagues hugged him one by one. There was also room for some tender kisses for Alma’s daughter. “This decision was made in the last three or four months, I reported it to the club and we came to an agreement. When I came here, I did it with pleasure playing football. In fact, I stopped at one of the best moments of my career, this year I enjoyed a lot. I feel It hurts my soul but it’s time for a new experience and enjoy my family.I have always dreamed of ending my career in this way, I found a great group and I want to thank them for giving me back the desire to play, I never thought I would find all this in Mls. It is the hardest decision for a player, but I would prefer to retire At this point in my career. Now I’m 100% focused on the remaining matches. Having played nine years for Argentina and participated in three World Cups was the best thing. I have nothing but words of gratitude for what I received,” concluded the Argentine. So far, during his 17-year career, he has amassed 708 appearances and 333 goals, data that can be updated in this season’s final.

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the gift

Phil Neville, whose lecture had anticipated the announcement of Pepeta, expressed words of appreciation to him: “He is one of the best scorers I have ever seen, he has a real professional mentality, he gives everything in training. He has gained knowledge of the game at an amazing tactical and technical level. He has absorbed many lessons having worked with the best coaches in the world, such as Capello or Sarri, and with what he has shown in recent weeks, he has proven himself a winner.”

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