Juventus-Malmö: 1-0 Champions 2021/2022. Final score and commentary on the match

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  • Juventus win by measure thanks to Kane’s goal from Bernardeschi’s pass. The Bianconeri reduced the speed in the second half and touched the goal several times without being able to double. In spite of everything, Allegri’s men have never suffered from their opponents with Malmo unable to worry Beren. A precious victory for the Bianconeri that allows them, in view of Chelsea’s external draw in St. Petersburg, to take first place in the group.20:44

  • Juventus finished first in Group H thanks to an audacious 3-3 draw between Zenit and Chelsea. Malmo ends its Champions League adventure in last place.20:40

  • 90′ + 4′

    On! Juventus 1-0 Malmo. The goal he scored in the first half is decided by Kane.20:36

  • 90′ + 3′

    Peña’s mediocre result ends up being far from the mirror of the goal that Perin defended.20:35

  • 90′ + 2′

    Morata hits the newly introduced Da Graca with a header and finds himself on the track.20:34

  • 90′

    Juventus substitution: Bentancur leaves, Meretti enters.00:06

  • 90′

    Four minutes of recovery.20:33

  • 90′

    Rabiot warned of a foul on Peña.20:33

  • 90′

    Juventus substitution: Kane exits and da Graca’s entry.20:32

  • 89′

    Replace Malmo: innocent exits, Nalek enters.20:32

  • 88 ‘

    Mismanaging a free kick from Malmoe, Juventus does not benefit from Kean’s counter-attack.20:31

  • 86′

    Cuadrado’s shot penetrates the ceiling! Another clear goal opportunity for the Bianconeri.20:29

  • 85 ‘

    Chelsea led 2-3 in St. Petersburg. The Blues returned first in the group.20:28

  • 83 ‘

    Juventus Chance! Kane is a few steps from the door devouring the double target after a major foray by Rabiot. The miracle of the foot Diwara.20:26

  • 82 ‘

    Juventus substitution: Bernardeschi exits, Cuadrado enters.20:24

  • 80 ‘

    Peña warned to make a foul on Morata from behind.20:23

  • 79 ‘

    Bernardeschi leads the restart of the Bianconeri only to miss Kane’s pass by the meter.20:22

  • 78 ‘

    Replacing the Malawi: the exits of Chulak and the entry of Abu Bakari.20:20

  • 77 ‘

    The compulsion of the Swedes continues, much higher with the center of gravity in the last 10 minutes.20:19

  • 75 ‘

    In the middle, Olson suggests crossing the trocar, thwarting the threat by freeing his head.20:17

  • 73 ‘

    Kane is very unselfish in talking with Morata: the striker who scored the goal, preferred the Spaniard’s serve and not a kick in the goal. The opportunity to score a goal was missed by Juventus.20:15

  • 72 ‘

    Juventus substitution: De Winter exits, De Sciglio enters.20:14

  • 71 ‘

    Juventus Chance! In Bernardeschi’s cross that veered sideways by Dewara, Kane did not find a stone throw from the net for the doubling time from a very isolated position.20:13

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  • 70′

    63% possession of Juventus, 37% of Malmo.20:12

  • 68 ‘

    They warned the innocent because of the delay in Bernardeschi’s apparent intervention.04:07

  • 66 ‘

    Juventus Chance! Ken creates the space and edits the shot, Diwara does not allow himself to be hypnotized and refuses without particular problems.20:10

  • 65′

    Another stunning shot from Malmoe, Peña does not commit to Perin.20:07

  • 63′

    Chulak concludes without finding the corners, and Beren responds present.20:06

  • 62 ‘

    Meanwhile, Chelsea just reached Zenit 2-2 thanks to Lukaku’s goal. At the moment, Juventus always remains at the top of the group.20:05

  • 61 ‘

    Bonucci is still on the ground, shot in the face by Chulak.20:03

  • 60′

    Launching bad doses of Bonucci for running deep into the Kean.20:04

  • 59′

    Good initiative by Birmancevic, ball after ball ends with a goal kick.20:02

  • 58 ‘

    Juventus Chance! Rabiot holds his left foot and allows a shot to overwhelm the net from outside. 20:00

  • 57 ‘

    Bentancur’s unreal attempt from the outside which ends above the goal defended by Diawara.19:59

  • 56′

    Morata tries to meet from an off-center, directs to the right but Birgit closes it in a corner kick.19:59

  • 55 ‘

    The reboot led by Morata is in its infancy.19:58

  • 53 ‘

    Dybala-Morata’s exchange is a simple relay, and there are no physical problems for Argentina.19:56

  • 52 ‘

    Rabiot’s right shot from the edge of the area was protected by the Swedish rear guard.19:54

  • 51 ‘

    Big dash in Arthur Strait, able to dodge and get a free kick from a tight angle.19:53

  • 49 ‘

    He warned Chulak not to step on Rojani.19:51

  • 48 ‘

    The flaw of Nielsen’s control over Bentancur’s high pressure, Malmoe is saved by preventing dangers.19:50

  • 46 ‘

    Recovery began, and resumed from 1-0 in the first half.19:47

  • 46 ‘

    Juventus substitution: Dybala exits and Morata enters.19:47

  • The scaling feature is close to the Bianconeri. Thanks to Zenit’s momentary advantage over Chelsea, Juventus cannot be satisfied and will have to try to secure the three points by looking for a doubling target. Malmoe, who has nothing to lose tonight, is called upon to fight back and hunt for some of the most dangerous offensive sorties.19:40

  • Juventus controls the game and manages operations without suffering from their opponents. Jamila assisted Bernardeschi’s left winger in the goal scored by Kane thanks to a powerful header. Malmo appeared several times in the Bianconeri half without bothering Perrin.19:35

  • 45′ + 1′

    The end of the first half: Juventus Malmo 1-0. The goal scored by Kane decides the first break.19:33

  • 45′ + 1′
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    Juventus Chance! Arthur’s conclusion about helping Kane came a little to the side.19:33

  • 45′

    One minute of recovery.19:31

  • 43 ‘

    Meanwhile, Zenit beat Chelsea 2-1 minutes into the first half. At the moment, the Bianconeri is the first in the group.19:30

  • 41 ‘

    Birgit’s cross from the back was blocked by Rojani with a corner kick.19:26

  • 40′

    Kane slows down the restart of the Bianconeri and loses possession of the ball.19:26

  • 38 ‘

    He was neutralized by a low, timely exit from Perrin, the ball fired by Christiansen towards Birgit in the heart of the area.19:24

  • 37 ‘

    Fierce pressure on Juventus, Malmo has a hard time trying to build from behind.19:23

  • 35 ‘

    Innocent poorly avoids a shot from the edge of the area by sending the ball to the center line.19:21

  • 33 ‘

    At Peña’s vertical suggestion, Rugani took a corner, anticipating Čolak with good timing.19:19

  • 31 ‘

    The pocket of Bernardeschi to facilitate the sprint between Kane’s lines is widely elusive for the Juventus striker.19:17

  • 30′

    Malawian replacement: Rakip exits, Peña enters.19:16

  • 28 ‘

    Dybala’s luminous ball at Bernardeschi’s entry is a bit long. The Juventus midfielder in the number 20 jersey was offside.19:19

  • 26′

    Rakib’s physical problems.19:11

  • 25′

    Juventus are still dangerous in the lanes with Alex Sandro and Bernardeschi.19:11

  • 23 ‘

    Malmoe tries to appear shy in half the Bianconeri without much of a build.19:09

  • 22 ‘

    Alex Sandro’s cross, Diwara came out with excellent timing before Kane.19:08

  • 20′

    Excellent defensive close by Rabiot on Birmansevich.19:07

  • 18 ‘

    Goal! Juventus 1-0 Malmo. Kane network. A great left wing ball hit by Bernardeschi in the middle, Kane dominates everyone with his header and puts the ball behind Diawara.

    Look at Moise Kean’s player card19:05

  • 17′

    On the right axis, de Winter and Bernardeschi are not meant.19:03

  • 15th’

    Malmö is 32nd out of 32 teams in this Champions League for shots per match (six) and expected goals per match (0.3); No team has scored fewer goals than Malmö in the competition (one).19:02

  • 14′

    Malmoe occupies spaces well, defends himself meticulously, leaving no outlets for the hosts.19:01

  • 12′

    Juventus continues to position itself in the Swedish half.18:58

  • 10′

    Kane’s constant work is on the short side of the box that’s disappearing in the bud.18:56

  • 9′

    Bentancourt Bank between them, there is no one to accompany the event.18:55

  • 7′

    Juventus Chance! Kane attacks the space deeply, protects the ball and kicks kicks aimed at the first post without framing the mirror.18:54

  • 6′

    Dybala’s great bob in the area, the skewed cross reaches Bernardeschi who stifles the shot and Diawara doesn’t bother.18:54

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  • 4′

    Dybala calibrates the first intention intersection, and Diawara anticipates Kane in a high fist.18:50

  • 3′

    Juventus Chance! Rugani hits his head undisturbed, Diawara stretches and blocks the ball without worry.18:48

  • 2′

    Alex Sandro crosses, and Olson takes the first corner of the match for the Bianconeri.18:48

  • 1 ‘

    Let’s go! The first half starts from Juventus Malmö. The first ball is run by the guests.18:45

  • Bosnian referee Irfan Peleto will officiate the match with the help of Davor Bilgo and Senad Ibrisembegovic. Fourth official is Milos Djegovic. The Var couple was formed by Juan Martinez Munuera and Alejandro Hernandez.17:37

  • Thomason chooses Diawara in goal and relies on Christiansen and Innocent in midfield. In the attack play Birmancevic and Čolak. Lowicki is unavailable, on the bench instead of Brorsson, the player most used by the Swedes’ coach in the group stage.18:09

  • Allegri gives space to the less-used men so far and puts Perin in goal, young De Winter as right-back and Rugani in the center of defense alongside Bonucci. Arthur, Bentancourt and Rabiot play in the midfield. Forward the couple form Dybala and Kane.17:58

  • Malmö’s away win rate in the European Cup/Champions League is just 7%: Of the teams that have played at least 25 away matches in competitions, only AEK Athens (4%) has a lower win rate.17:33

  • Juventus has a 100% record against Malmö in European competitions (three clean sheet wins in the three matches he played). In the history of the Champions League, Barcelona have only won their first four matches against a single opponent without conceding a goal (against Bate Borisov between 2011 and 2015).17:32

  • MALMOE (4-4-2) Official composition: Diawara – Moisander, Ahmedhodzic, Nielsen, Olsson – Berget, Christianen, Innocent, Rakip – Birmancevic, Čolak. Available: Dahlin, Elborg, Larson, Proerson, Peña, Guargis, Nanase, Abobakari, Nalik. everybody. Thomson18:34

  • Juventus (4-4-2) official formation: Perin – de Winter, Bonucci, Rugani, Alex Sandro – Bernardeschi, Bentancur, Arthur, Rabiot – Dybala, Kane. Available: Szczesny, Pinsoglio, De Sciglio, Chiellini, de Ligt, Cuadrado, Locatelli, Miretti, Morata and Da Graca. everybody. Allegri.17:50

  • The Swedish national team, last in the group with only one point, scored only one goal against 13 goals conceded.17:32

  • The Bianconeri, who have already qualified for the second round of the Champions League and have 12 points with Chelsea, are looking for a fifth win in the group.17:38

  • At the Allianz Stadium in Turin, everything is ready for Juventus Malmo, the last day of Group H of the Champions League.17:26

  • Where to play the game:

    Venue: Allianz Stadium
    City: Turin
    Capacity: 41,507 spectators17:26

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