Juventus – Lazio, Italian Cup semi-final first leg result: 2-0, goals by Chiesa and Vlahovic

Juventus – Lazio, Italian Cup semi-final first leg result: 2-0, goals by Chiesa and Vlahovic

11.20pm – Resume from Juventus, and now the final is close

(Alessandro Pucci) They, the boys of Florence, will take care to get the lady in crisis out of trouble. Opens church And double VlahovicWithin 14 minutes, Juve puts the first Italian Cup semi-final in the safe, finds a smile again, gets rid of the suffering of the tournament, and dreams of a better near future, starting with the match against Fiorentina, Sunday. Evening, always here, in its theater that pulses, suffers, whistles, and in the end sings a cry of liberation in front of John Elkann for a victory that does not guarantee the final, but rather brings it much closer.

A step away from the abyss, Juve rises again after a nervous and painful first half As if by magic, he finds balance and great team spirit. Lazio is destroyed. He played better until the end of the first half, but faded in the second half when he gave himself up to his opponents. Juventus strikers are deadly. As for the unmoved, it is a blank page in Tudor's score that is replaced after 70 empty minutes, which is canceled by Bremer. There is life on planet Juve after 70 black days. The Coppa Italia could give meaning to this strange season for Juventus, in the search for the trophy lost for three years, even if the real goal remains money and prestige in the Champions League.

Allegri chooses the best team possible, a team he has tried for months to give Inter a difficult time with I came In defense, Cambiasso and Kostic On gangs and Vlahovic Next to the church. But in the beginning, the lady was nervous, tense and in a hurry to stop the match and the penalty kick was awarded first and then it was canceled via VAR due to Cambiasso's offside, which did not help the Bianconeri who complained because Patrick was considered a deflection and instead it was awarded. It may look like a real game.

Juve, who had been nervous until that moment, lost that bit of clarity and was taken over by Lazio who confirmed the good impressions made in his debut. A logical and clear team, gradually gaining more trust and confidence. Tudor begins with Guendouzi-Aljar In midfield, Felipe Anderson and Luis Alberto were behind Immobile, with the Brazilian and the Spaniard falling between the lines. infection ZakagneLess than a quarter of an hour later, the Croatian coach was forced to create a small revolution with Isaksen on the right and Felipe moved to the left instead of the Italian. Juve move quickly, are imprecise in their dribbles, and often make mistakes like Cambiasso who, in a good position, serves Chiesa instead of shooting. After half an hour of excitement, the stadium blew its whistle, which increased the confusion of its heroes, and Lazio had the best opportunity, with a header from Luis Alberto that hit the top of the crossbar.

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Chiesa's goal, at the beginning of the second half, favored by Cambiasso's long ball, but above all by the naivety of Lazio's defenders who opened up in front of Federico, changed the balance of the cup night. Juve regains confidence and courage, and Lazio inexplicably leaves the scene, passively accepting Allegriani's plays. So, Vlahovic, moved by McKennie, charmed Casale, who came on after the break in place of Patrick and fired a corner kick beyond Mandas' reach. Juve is looking for the third goal thanks to a pressure from Chiesa. But for one night, after so many bad matches, it's okay.

11.11pm – Match report cards: Vlahovic, Achilles Fury, Immobile 4.5

Allegri devises a way to psychologically analyze Juventus after a trembling first half. Inactivity is bad in Lazio. All match results

Coppa Italia report cards against Juventus: Vlahovic Fury (7.5), Chiesa Sgassa (7), Cambiasso has vision, Immobile 4.5

10.56pm – Ends here, Juventus wins

Juventus struggles in the first half but improves in the second: Lazio wins with goals from Chiesa and Vlahovic, and Allegri is one step away from the final (return to Roma on April 23).

22:55 – Kamada tries, 93'

A treacherous shot by the Japanese, which was blocked by Bremer

10.53pm – Yildiz is dangerous. Ninety two'

Yildiz was very active and entered the game well. Shot from a narrow and wide angle

10.51pm – 5 minutes stoppage time

Lazio's latest attempt to reopen its accounts with the aim of returning

10.49pm – Juventus changes, 88'

The last minutes of the match, Alcaraz and Alex Sandro enter

10.46pm – Chance for Juventus, 84'

A brilliant pass and series from Yildiz, who got rid of two opponents before sending Weah down the left, but Mandas deflects it for a corner.

10.37pm – Lazio is dangerous, 78'

Gila tries to head a corner kick, but Danilo's touch turns the ball into a corner kick

10.32pm – Double substitutions Lazio, 72'

Castellanos and Camada on the inside, Immobile and Luis Alberto on the outside

10.29pm – Church in the area, protests. 69'

Another attack from Chiesa, who accelerates from the left, targets the area and appears to go wide to Casale, who, however, extends it well into a sliding corner. When the ball is tackled, the winger also goes down and calls for a penalty kick

10.24pm – Juventus doubles their lead with Vlahovic's goal. 64'

Excellent play from McKennie for the Serbian who points to Casali and beats Mandas with a precise shot into the corner

Juve now play more fluidly: another persistent move from Chiesa, with Locatelli running and trying from the edge. The ball is a little wide

10.15pm – Juve pays, 54'

Juventus has confidence after Chiesa's goal. Vlahovic tries to penetrate the middle with the ball at his feet, but the opponent's defense stops him

10.10pm – Juventus goal, scored by Chiesa. 50'

A wonderful ball from Cambiasso to Chiesa, who burns Lazio's defense and does not make a mistake one-on-one with Mandas. The Bianconeri are in the lead

10.05pm – Start of the second half, substitution for Tudor

Casale enters Lazio in place of Patrick

9.46pm – The first half ends

Juventus and Lazio go to the locker rooms with the score at 0-0, and the stadium whistles: in the 14th minute a penalty kick was awarded and then awarded by VAR to the Bianconeri, from then on it was only the Bianconeri on the pitch (Luis Alberto crossbar). Allegri's team is still facing difficulties.

9.44pm – Rabiot shot from the edge, 44'

Juventus ended the first half offensively, with Rabiot trying from the edge of the goal. Mandas blocks safely

9.39pm – Model is Luis Alberto, 40'

Here came the most important opportunity for Lazio, as Luis Alberto shot Patrick's cross from the right side: the crossbar stopped the Spaniard.

9.37pm – Yellow card for Gatti in the 37th minute.

The Juventus defender received a yellow card for a violent tackle on Isaksen

21:35 – Juventus returns to the front, 34'

An exchange between Chiesa and Cambiasso, but the latter wastes a lot of time and instead of kicking he tries to detain his colleague, allowing Lazio's defense to remove the threat in the corner.

9.29pm – Juventus struggles to get out, 30'

Lazio performed well, pressuring Juventus in the half-court and preventing the Bianconeri from exiting. The pitch starts to shake

Raw 21:26 – Isaksen Morato, 25'

Now Lazio is pressing, and Kostic intercepts Isaksen twice

9.24pm – Felipe Anderson tries, 23'

The Brazilian shot with his right foot from a long distance, but the shot went wide of the goal

9.20pm – Lazio appears, 20'

After some initial struggles, as the minutes passed, Lazio were improving: Isaksen tried with his left foot, but the ball was deflected into a corner kick.

9.16pm – Zaccagni cannot attend, 16'

Nothing to do with Zaccagni, who had the worst of the encounter with Gatti a few minutes earlier: Isaksen comes in his place

9.13pm – VAR intervenes, no penalty, 13'

After consulting VAR, referee Massa retraced his steps: Cambiasso was penalized for offside, brought down by Vecino. Read the full article here

9.11pm – Penalty kick for Juventus, 11'

21:08 – Zakagne remains on the ground, 9'

Gatti expects Zaccagni to slide the ball in, but the winger appears to have had the worst of it

9.05pm – Corner kick for Juve, 6'

McKennie moves away from the right side and tries to pass a cross, but the Lazio defense collides with it for a corner kick.

9.02pm – High pace from Juventus, 4'

Juventus starts at a fairly high pace, as Vlahovic immediately tries to send Chiesa into the area, but the winger does not reach the ball.

8.59pm – Let's get started, 1'

The first leg of the Italian Cup semi-final between Juventus and Lazio begins, and the first ball goes to the Bianconeri.

8.40pm – Lazio faces difficulty away from home

Lazio has lost its last four away matches in the Italian Cup and has never suffered five consecutive defeats away from home in its history in the tournament.

8.25pm ​​- Juventus makes no mistakes at home

Juventus are unbeaten in their last 22 home matches in the Italian Cup (19 wins, 3D). Its last defeat at home dates back to March 5, 2015, against Fiorentina (1-2).

8.11pm – In the Coppa Italia, Juve are taboo for Lazio

Juventus is the team to which Lazio has suffered the most defeats in the tournament (10, as is the case against Roma).

8.04pm – Official lineup, Vlahovic challenges Immobile

Nothing new compared to the previous day, Allegri and Tudor confirm their eleven. The two '9's return, Vlahovic on one side and Embeli on the other

Juventus (3-5-2) Beren. Gatti, Bremer, Danilo; Cambiasso, McKinney, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostic; Church Vlahovic. All. Allegri

Lazio (3-4-2-1) mandas; Patrick, Romagnoli, Gela; Marosic, Guendouzi, Vecino, Zaccagni; Felipe Anderson, Luis Alberto; motionless. All Tudor

7.50pm – Why did Juventus retreat before the match?

For Juve, the delicacy of the moment also modifies the ritual of the Italian Cup that often encounters the spirit of the Orange Revolution, without retreat: this time, instead, training and after that, everyone goes to bed at the J Hotel: no penalty, but certainly an “imposition”. I read here Full article

7.30 pm – Juventus-Lazio to watch the Italian Cup match

It's time for the Italian Cup. Today, Tuesday, April 2, the first leg of the semi-final will be held. Juventus and Lazio were on the field in Turin, three days after the Biancocelesti won, but in the tournament, with a goal from Marosic in full stoppage time in the 93rd minute. Read here where to watch the match on TV

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