Osimhen and Kafara, Maradona’s Spanish pirate, are not enough

Osimhen and Kafara, Maradona’s Spanish pirate, are not enough

10:30 p.m

Triple whistle: Villarreal goes to Maradona

Maradona’s friendly ends with Villarreal, who beat Napoli 3-2. In the first half, it was a QA between Capoe and Osimhen, in killer recoveries by Jackson and Gerard Moreno, with Kavara cutting the distance.

10:25 p.m

90′ – There will be 4 minutes of extra time

Master Dionisi allocates 4 minutes to recovery, which is the minimum after the many changes. Napoli, who tried again, but without luck, with Kafara, Villarreal came very close to the fourth goal with Danjuma, who hit the post.

10:15 p.m

80′ – Kafara revives the end!

Zerbin flashed, a clean foul from Sanchez and Kavara from the penalty spot dislodged the goalkeeper and shortened the distance, reviving the final!

10:10 p.m

75′ – Spalletti raises the white flag

The match is now in the archives, Spalletti understands, which changes again: outside Raspadori and Di Lorenzo, in Zidadca and Barba.

10:05 pm

70′ – Gerard Moreno to the Spanish trio!

Harakiri Neapolitan! Deme’s fault, Pino launched the counterattack with an inaccurate back pass, the ball to Gerard Moreno who made no mistake and extends to the Spaniards!

10:02 p.m

67′ – Jackson puts Villarreal back in front!

The Spaniards take the lead again with Jackson, who had just moments before scored to make it 2-1! Naples below! Jackson slides centrally in the blue shirts and gets rid of Di Lorenzo and beats Merritt!


62′ – Spalletti changes again

t otherReturn changes for Spalletti, who sends Demme, Simeone, and Zanoli onto the field for Lobotka, Osimhen, and Juan Jesus.


60 ‘ – A less intense, less sparkling Napoli rebound

Play and recovery time is less intense than the first fun 45 minutes. Villarreal is still the master of the game, Napoli is less brilliant.

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55′ – A difficult start to the second half for Napoli

The Spaniards got off to a better start. After Capwe’s chance, Mario Rui, who was emphatically expecting Pino, made the save. The kicks still fly, the price is paid by Ostigard, who tastes Baena’s studs.


50′ – Villarreal is dangerous right away

The first initiative in the second half came from Villarreal, again with the energetic Capoue, who fired wide with a fine shot.


46′ – The second half begins with Maradona: two substitutions for Spalletti

Maradona away in the second half with a score of 1-1. Double substitution for Napoli with Zerbin and Gaetano replacing Elmas and Ndombele. Villarreal with the same eleven as in the first half.


The difference in the locker room tied 1-1

A lively and sometimes combative first half ended: Napoli and Villarreal returned to the locker room with a 1-1 draw. The question and answer yet between Capoue and Osimhen decides.


45 ‘- The Spaniards approached the attack

The end of the break sees Setien’s Villarreal approaching from the front and Napoli in a bit of trouble, with Merritt taking possession of the Spaniards’ set pieces.


40′ – Fun game, high pace

However, it is a good test for Napoli, as Villarreal helps keep the tension high and the match continues at a good pace. The first half is full of energy and entertainment for the large crowd in the stands.


35′ – Napoli, good plots but no chances

Another good plot for Team Spalletti, this time Kvara plays the sidekick, but his pocket isn’t hooked by Osimhen.

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30′ – Kafara stumbles over the ball

Possible chance for Napoli, inspired by a good pass from Mario Rui: but Caffarra missed and fumbled the ball and the chance disappeared.


25′ – Villarreal becomes dangerous again

After a few more minutes of kicks than football, Villarreal came back forward, and was dangerous with a shot from inside the Collado area, surrounding the Napoli defense.


22′ – The competitive tone of the match rises

It would have a question-and-answer effect, but it was a real Maradona match. The competitive tone of the match rises, and Morlanes enters hard at Ndombele, and the referee Dionissi does not take away his energy, but rather calls everyone to calm down.


18′ – Napoli ask for a penalty

After the equalizer, Napoli returned to the violent and vibrant protests of Elmas, who fell in the area after a potential kick and demanded the penalty, unheard of.


15′ – Osimhen replies immediately

Immediate reaction from Napoli who immediately found an equal goal! Osimhen scores 1-1! Pino’s reckless back pass, Osimhen understands everything and hits Reina by putting the ball into the seven!


12′ – Villarreal advances with Capoue

The Spaniards practically pass in the first rush with Capwe defeating Merritt! Juan blocks Mujica’s treacherous cross as best he can, the ball ends up with Capwe’s left foot hitting the mark!


10′ – Raspadori 8 bit and 10 bit

Raspadori’s position is intriguing, starting as a classic midfielder, but frequently moving centrally from the attacking midfielder behind Osimhen, with Kvara and Elmas expanding to create space and solutions.

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5′ – a solid start for Napoli

Spalletti’s side immediately try to raise the center of gravity and force Villarreal to be careful and build up intensity on their grotto.

8:30 p.m

1′ – starts from Maradona, good look in the stands

Napoli-Villarreal start with a more than decent crowd for a pre-Christmas friendly: more than 30,000 fans crowd Maradona’s stands.


Inter dress training, with a look at the Champions League

Napoli’s third friendly will, with increasing difficulty, better prepare the Serie A leaders for a championship restart, which will immediately see them involved in the big game with Inter, who drew 1-1 in the test with Betis Sevilla. Villarreal also motivates us to think about the knockout stages of the Champions League, which will see the Neapolitans challenge Eintracht Frankfurt.


Raspadori tried again from midfield

After the excellent results obtained in the first two friendlies of the winter, Spalletti proposes again Raspadori As a midfielder in the midfield trio, his task is to inspire Elmas, Kaffarra and Osimhen, but also to prepare for entries, as evidenced by the braces he scored against Crystal Palace and Antalyaspor.

7.55 p.m

Outside Politano for a pulled muscle

Change compared to predictions made on the eve: He remained out of the squad list politanoA victim of muscular fatigue that disqualified her.


Napoli-Villarreal, official lineups

Naples (4-3-3): Merritt; Di Lorenzo, Ostegaard, Juan Jesus, Mario Rui; Lobotka, Ndombele, Raspadori, Elmas, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia. everybody: Spalletti

Villarreal: Reina, Kiko, Albiol, Pau Torres, Capoue, Mojica, Jackson, Alex B., Morlanes, Yeremi, Collado. everybody: Sittin

Maradona Stadium – Naples

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