Juventus and Pogba performed meniscus surgery in Turin: 8 weeks rest

Juventus and Pogba performed meniscus surgery in Turin: 8 weeks rest

“Tonight Paul Pogba underwent surgery of external arthroscopic meniscus resection. The surgery, which was performed by Professor Roberto Rossi in the presence of the Director of Health of Juventus Dr. Luca Stefanini, totally successful.”

Here is the press release from Juventus. 43 days later than expected, Pogba underwent the surgery he recommended early July 24 in California, right after the meniscus injury he sustained while training in Los Angeles.

He was one of the leading knee experts in Malibu, but Paul chose to return to Europe for a consultation and then decided to proceed with conservative treatment.

The danger that by forcing his knee a little more in pain again was all too real. During the tests that took place before the team’s departure to Paris, the player tried to try to understand whether it was really possible to return to the field to train at least partially with the group, But he suffered from tingling and pain.

At this point it is inevitable to surrender and give the green light to intervene. The intervention that the French underwent involvesRemoving a small piece of the affected meniscusThis is what annoys the player. At this point, he will then have to rest for ten days and undergo only physical therapy and exercises in the pool. Only then, gradually, will he be able to resume running on the treadmill and then on the field. At this point, you change direction and resume training. Resume times of competitive activity? about 8 weeks.

At best, for him, At his maximum, he will be able to join the French squad for the World Cup After a few clips – one, two games – in black and white. Allegri expects it for January.

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