Juventus and De Ligt dominate and send a message to Allegri: There is life outside the Senate | first page

Leonardo Bonucci Tired of finishing. George Kellini Forced to step down while warming up. then max cheerful Daniel threw into battle Rojani, he returned to the field by force and not by choice, but still he was able to respond: there was a little rust and a little fear, however compelling the evidence for the defender. Also because next to it was a file Matthijs de Ligt in giant form. Without the important and often exhausting presence of Bonucci and Chiellini, the Dutch were able to do what was always expected: dominate. He did so on a particularly delicate evening, without the Bianconeri totems, leading the defense with character and class, even with the overwhelming physical strength that later makes the difference. A blank pass, a punctured ball in front of Mattia Perin who luckily had no negative effects. For the rest, De Ligt was huge, just when it was needed most.

VLAHOVIC CANCELED – Dusan Vlahovic canceled off the field, to start and finish. The Serbian attacker fought, tried to stand up to him, and was simply beaten. Every high ball was from de Ligt. Every movement was thwarted from the start. primary after primary, Duel after duel, there was a winner and a loser: De Ligt won and Vlahovic lost. Then all this does not change one iota of the opinion that everyone has about Vlahovic, even or in particular at Juventus. But it could speed up the final process of changing the perception between de Ligt and senators, even within Allegri’s hierarchies.

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It’s up to DE LIGT – the Juventus coach, in word and deed, needs more and a long time before he can take Bonucci and Chiellini from the throne of perfect defenders. One is 34 years old, the other 37, diseases also increase for the first and not only for the second, they must be managed always and in any case. So De Ligt must also believe in the important nights, those nights that Allegri has already given him on some occasions, just think of Juventus Chelsea. But if more proof of maturity is needed, it has arrived. Its cost is 85 million between ticket and commission, everyone wants it and if it fails to become the first choice, it can also decide to leave. So management is more sensitive. But if Allegri needed answers and proof of dominance, he had it against Fiorentina. Without Bonucci and Chiellini. It’s up to my yacht, the changing of the guard is no longer waiting.

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