Sony is hiring employees to work on emulators and backward compatibility –

Sony is hiring employees to work on emulators and backward compatibility –

Sony Looking for employees to be hired in this field Emulators and backward compatibilityas it emerges from the job advertisement on A “Classic Engineer”which obviously should take special care of everything related to the catalog of classics, which has become an important part of the PlayStation Plus Premium service.

It seems that this specialist in the classics, among the tasks, should also deal with the development and improvement of emulators, which could have something to do with PS3 games, which are played on PS5 And the PS4 is still a problem.

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Although there are technically good emulators for PS3 games on PC, Sony has yet to suggest a proper solution on this front within the PS5.

PS3 games in catalog PlayStation Plus PremiumIn fact, it can only be used by streaming to address the issue, but the issue will likely develop in the coming months and it appears that these assumptions by Sony are going in the direction of technical progress in reproducing classic games on PS5.

The job description reads, “Software Development Engineer position within the Tools & Technology team supports the recently released PS4 and PS5 Classics division.” “Classic games work by emulating legacy PlayStation platforms. As a Classic Architect, you will work closely with a group of developers, producers, and QA staffers to fix bugs, develop new features and even new emulators.”

This may also relate to a recent Sony patent that appears to refer to the use of PS3 accessories and peripherals on the PS5.

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