Salernitana, the last hours of hope before elimination

After Notary Orlando, the trustees received an offer from Neapolitan businessman Danilo Irvolino, founder and former president of Pegaso Telematic University. Two more people are expected during the day

Salernitana’s future remains unknown a few hours after the deadline set by the Football Association to sanction the transfer of the club’s ownership, the only solution to avoid the team’s exclusion from the tournament. Something is moving.

Two purchase proposals

Then from Salerno notary Roberto Orlando, shortly after 2 pm, the trustees received another offer sent by Neapolitan businessman Danilo Iervolino, founder and former president of the Pegaso Telematic University. His bid was ten million euros. Other binding suggestions may come soon. We expect that from Francesco Agnello (with four or five industrialists to back him), but also from Console & Partners on their behalf, however, it seems only Luxembourg’s Toro Capital and not Francesco Di Silvio, who would have disappeared. The economic offer will be just over twenty million euros. In the meantime, a US fund is also checking the feasibility of the operation, and there may be another offer. FIGC is awaiting acceptance of a proposal by the Trustees to initiate a forty-five-day extension to complete the process, effectively ensuring continuity in football in Salernitana.


Grenade fans live with concern the project of the last hours of the year that will be remembered for the third promotion in Serie A in the more than 100-year history of Salernitana, but above all the bitterness of recent months associated with the results of the team and the management of company affairs.

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