Juve will make a great coup: the truth about Phillips | first page

Juve will make a great coup: the truth about Phillips |  first page

It will not be a simple market, but it will be a real market. Juve’s performance in January will be exactly that, after a summer spent at the back by force rather than by choice. With the primary focus on the midfield, between the opportunities offered by this stage of the season at the international level and Juventus’ needs: technical and economic. For example, Max Trends rejoice They are the ones that lead to a midfielder who is truly ready but who also has specific characteristics, related to a midfielder in terms of quantity and quality and who in his skills has a sense of integration into the opponent’s area. Economists talk about players being willing to accept loans and the transfer club not imposing huge valuations or automatic redemption obligations. In short, it will not be a simple market. And Philips? – The stock market has shown price ups and downs for some time between Hojbjerg, Samardzic, De Paul and Ruiz, just to name a few of the more in-depth profiles. And Calvin Phillips? Well, his name is back in the news. As he is also looking for a new adventure, the costs imposed by City between salary and price are complicated for anyone to deal with in January, which is why a loan may be suitable for everyone. But there are still a lot of unknowns in this regard, as different profiles are being evaluated at Juve but if it turns into an opportunity to be seized, there will be no turning back. Even if Phillips is not currently Juventus’ first choice and Juventus are not Phillips’ first choice (Newcastle lead the pack of clubs willing to take him seriously). Over time, it is also on the list. Juve’s roster is rich, it’s true. But it is not easy to turn it into reality.

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