Juventus can manage a small treasure, the Bianconeri, in fact after the 20 million bonuses collected for Merit Demiral, they found themselves managing the situation linked to Rolando Mandragora who will be able to bring new resources to Juventus.

The midfielder, in fact, was not replaced from Turin for 14 million, and Juventus rejected 9 million from Turin, so it is very likely that the Bianconeri will be able to collect at least 12 Fiorentina, including bonuses, in order to create a mini-game. About 30 million treasure for the possibility of market investment. However, Juventus should meet with Turin to see if there is a relaunch.

With these resources, Juventus will have to find space to move in some new signings, such as, for example, Philippe Kostik who values ​​Eintracht 20 million and that Juventus would gladly take him for 15.

The primary resources to move the upcoming Juventus market, but not the only one, given that Juventus is also dealing with other players that could bring significant capital gains. We move from Brunori, valued by Juventus at no less than €5 million, to Rabiot who could be sold by Juventus at 12/15 with the consequent significant savings in terms of participation costs. Also among the potential starters is Luca Pellegrini, who the Bianconeri value at no less than 6-7 million and would have marketed in England.

But not only them, even a midfielder who could come out, among the youngsters, beware of Ranucchia who Juventus estimates at 5-7 million and who could be part of Molina’s deal.

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The right signings are headed to the zebra striped house, the Bianconeri thinking of creating a small treasure to strengthen the team.

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