Microsoft confirms supply difficulties –

Microsoft confirms supply difficulties –

These days are remarkable Lack of Xbox controllersRegarding the Xbox Wireless Controller for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, and Microsoft confirmed in these hours difficulty The company encountered in supplying a large amount of units for sale in the market.

The reports, which we also talked about yesterday, specifically mention the lack of Xbox consoles in the UK market, both in terms of the Microsoft Central Store and individual retail chains located in the region such as Game, Argos, Currys and Amazon as well. , but the question appears to be generalized.

The problem was officially confirmed by Microsoft, which sent a file Telecommunications To VGC: “We know that at the moment there are difficulties in finding available Xbox wireless controllers and this is due to a decline in units produced and distributed,” Redmond explained through a spokesperson.

Xbox wireless controller in different colors

“We are working as quickly as possible with our production and sales partners to try to improve the situation and to monitor availability at local merchants.”

It is not clear whetherXbox Design Lab, which was recently relaunched with new colors and designs after a hiatus, has this difficulty: orders are still open and it is always possible to design your own console, but the waiting times are not so obvious. However, there is talk of a maximum of 28 days for home shipping, which should be within the standard, but there is still no evidence of waiting times in this period.

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