June 7, 2023

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Minister of State for Industry Fabio Righi met with the Minister of Science and Technological Development of Montenegro in Portugal

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The bilateral meeting between the Minister of State for Industry, Handicrafts, Trade, Technological Research and Streamlining of the Republic of San Marino Fabio Reggi and Biliana Sibanovic, Minister of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of the Republic took place this afternoon. Both ministers are visiting Portugal these days to participate in the work of the 28th Ministerial Conference in Eureka.

The knowledge meeting, which took place in a friendly and cordial atmosphere, was a tangible opportunity to discuss issues of common interest through which to build fruitful cooperation between the two countries, both of which are committed to developing the applied innovation sector in the world. Entrepreneurship and economics.

Minister Šibanovic suggested to Minister Rygi the renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding on Scientific and Technological Cooperation whose signature dates back six years and which merits updating in light of the changing international context; The agreement is the basis for developing and intensifying cooperation in the areas of technological development and innovation.

The bilateral event was also an opportunity for Minister Reggie to present the state system and the ambition of the Republic of San Marino to present itself internationally as a technology center to design and promote cutting-edge solutions for the development of the economic business context. ..
Finally, Minister Šibanovic suggested that Rygi meet again at the headquarters of the Ministry he is instructing in order to deepen the many issues that were taken up at today’s meeting on the occasion of the upcoming assignment of the Secretary of Montenegro.

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