June 5, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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AC Milan and Cardinal speaking: “Maldini speaks wonderfully. The priority of the pitch”

In his first interview, the Rossoneri’s new owner revealed the interview: “It was very important for me to beat Paolo. A brand like Milan should have a facility that demonstrates its global potential.”

The approach was soft, but the thoughts – to read the words of the new AC Milan sponsor financial times – clear. Landing on tiptoe then operating handles in place. First the festivities in the square, among the masses, to celebrate the Scudetto. Then the hot days leading up to the official announcement of the handover with Elliot. Then a visit to Casa Milan, a meeting with the management, a greeting with the CEO. From the league, de Servo, and finally back to New York. Looking forward to returning to Milan. The first ten days of Jerry Cardinale’s reign at the head of Satan were almost insidiously fading away, if we exclude the day of the official announcement. A communication strategy that aligns well with the concept of business continuity, as RedBird will continue to run the Rossoneri Club similar to what the Singers did. He was also the CEO. “It’s not a club where someone comes in and says, ‘Listen, we need a drastic change of direction. Frankly, that would be crazy,'” Gazidis said in recent days.

the background

“Silent,” however, is pretty obvious, because the RedBird founder has moved a lot behind the scenes. And now he told the English newspaper. It’s the first real interview – after a quick intervention at Casa Milan on opening day – released by the owner of the Rossoneri. Where it also reveals a basic background regarding Maldini, he met on the last day of May (and thus twenty-four hours before the official announcement of the Signature) in a completely private form. “For me it was very important to do it (Conquering Maldini, so). In the end we spent three and a half hours together… it was just amazing. “Cardinale reassured Maldini by telling him that he considers him at the heart of the club, a British newspaper reports, is certain of one thing: Maldini’s renewal is the club’s top priority, new ownership at the moment, the newspaper also offers another key date: last May 5, when Cardinale traveled to London To meet Gordon Singer and join Elliott’s deal with Investcorp.


best way

Now, however, Commissioner RedBird will have to increase revs as the market looms, planning is a priority and, in addition to new purchases, renovations must also be managed. In addition, the best route to take in the new stadium must be understood. Cardinale also spoke about this: “A brand of this size, like AC Milan, must have an infrastructure that demonstrates its footballing ability and global potential. We have a lot of experience with stadium projects in the United States. Milan. Italy deserves a world-class stadium that hosts the best What in sports and entertainment on a global scale.”