“From garden to garden”, “Art is science”, public open market

“From garden to garden”, “Art is science”, public open market

1. Open – Public Market – Antique | recycling | handicrafts | art | culture. The original that has not yet been turned into waste is reused and what is already recycled. We support reuse, we encourage recycling….we help the environment and we support culture.

2. A Sunday In Generosity Between Music And Magic – A Sunday In Generosity For Families And More. There will be a great band making great music, juggling games, fairy tales for kids, storytellers for everyone, excursions, tastings for kids and adults along with much more.

3. Introduction to Marranzano World FEST – Intimate Dialogues” by Stockhausen & Mortazavi – Sunday 19 June Introduction to the Marranzano World FEST. Dialogue between East and West, between contemporary and tradition, between the enchantment of sounds and the enchantment of places.

4. Palazzo “Asmundo di Gisira” and view of the rooftops of Catania at sunset – Sicily Gaia organizes a dedicated visit to one of the most exclusive places in the city center, “Asmundo di Gisira” where art, Sicilian and ancient legends fuse. It is located inside the monolithic building that was built after the dramatic earthquake in Val di Noto that devastated Catania in 1693.

5. ‘Give a Lymphoma a Boost’ – After a two-year hiatus from the ‘Give a Kick to Lymphoma’ challenge, the football challenge is back, now in its seventh edition, promoted by Lillet (Italian League Against Cancer) from Catania and the Belpaso delegation, which contrasts with the ‘wrestlers’ and “Sanitari”, or representatives of Sicilian patients, former oncologists and doctors of the Catania Hospitals. The match is scheduled for Saturday, June 18, starting at 17:00, at the stadium “La Meridiana Biscayne” in Via Ugo la Malva, Catania.

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6. “Infiorata del Corpus Domini” in Castiglione di Sicilia – For the second year in a row, young volunteers from the Diocese of Castiglione di Sicilia, under the direction of the parish priest Don Orazio Greco, have created III Infiorata from “Corpus” Domini. The heroes are Flowers Etna and Valley The two Alcantaras will be placed on unusual designs in a 30-meter carpet inside the Basilica of the Madonna della Catina.

7. Secret Catania and the Time Machine – An unusual itinerary that will introduce you to the heart of Catania, like you’ve never done before. We will walk through the historical center of the city, enter alleys, squares and secret archaeological sites.

8. “Metamorphoses” tour and a guided tour of the “San Perello Gallery”. Indoors and Nowhere Else – On Friday 17 June, the urban walking trails of the Trame di Quartiere are back. With a small novelty: the TRASFORMAZIONI itinerary will end exceptionally well with a visit to the SAN BERILLO Fair. Inside and out, it was created with the support of ANCE Catania and presented at our headquarters in Palazzo De Gaetani.

9. Show “Opera dei pupi” – the latest achievement of Orlando de Ronceval – passing the period. Paladins in France perform other feats. Rinaldo gives up his guns and the Paris court to devote himself to meditation and penance. It ignited an ancient war between the empire of Charlemagne and the Moorish Spain of the brothers Marsilio, Bologante and Valcerone, who, forced into an armistice, demanded the surrender of many losses. But when the Spanish embassy arrives, Jano devises a new plan to betray the king of the Franks and the Palladins.

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10. “From the Garden to the Garden” – Guided Tour of the Botanical Garden – Friday 17 June, 5.15 pm, In the Botanical Garden of Catania it will be possible to take a guided tour by Gianpietro Giusso del Galdo (Professor of Systematic Botany from the University of Catania), As part of the “From Garden to Garden” event, organized by Etna Garden Club and Verde Siderale, scheduled from June 17 to 26.

11. “Art is Science” in the Benedictine Monastery – Relations between science, culture and society in the field of identification, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. An increasingly thematic topic will be in the center, Friday 17 and Saturday 18 June in the Benedictine monastery, of the works of the eighth edition of the review “Art is Science” promoted by the Italian Association of Archeology and the University of Catania.

12. Irish Dinner and the Belfast Movie – Saturday 18 June A vegan and vegetarian restaurant awaits you at the Adua Arena for a rich Irish dinner inspired by Kenneth Branagh’s movie Belfast.

13. Journey on Etna: From sunset to stars – At the beginning of summer, Hermes guides return in Sicily to suggest evening cruises on Etna. This trek will begin in the late afternoon, and with the last light of the day will lead us to the lower Valle del Bove valley to enjoy the volcanic views of Monte Fontana at sunset.

14. Exhibition “Three Artists in a Center” at the Catania Art Gallery – “Three Artists in a Center”, the new exhibition project of the Catania Art Gallery containing works by three Sicilian artists, from Catania – Elsa Emi, Lucia Ragusa, Dina Viglianisi . The exhibition will open on June 4, 2022 continuously from 11 to 20, open until June 27.

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15. Exhibition “Rediscovering Kouros” at Orsino Castle – The Kouros family is found again in the Civic Museum of Castello Orsino in Catania until October 2, after the exhibition at the Paolo Orsi Museum in Syracuse, and later, at the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens. The initiative is being promoted by the District of Sicily – Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, by the Municipality of Catania – Department of Cultural Heritage and Activities, by the Foundation Sicily, in cooperation with the Association of Sicilian Stone – Lapis, Regional Design and Restoration Center . Organization Civita Sicilia Organization.

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