Johnny Depp chose Luisa Ranieri: she will be with him on the set of the movie “Moody”

Johnny Depp chose Luisa Ranieri: she will be with him on the set of the movie “Moody”

After success It was the hand of God The great popularity of the Rai series Investigations with Lolita Lobosco (Ten days ago, filming for the third season began in Bari), Louisa Ranieri Joins the cast of the new international production: will be directing Johnny Depp in MethodsBiography about Amedeo Modigliani With which Depp returns behind the camera after 25 years: The first time behind the camera was in 1997 with the bravebased on the novel by Gregory Macdonald, in which he played the role of the Indian Raphael alongside his friend Marlon Brando.


The cast already sees a presence Ricardo ScamarcioWho plays Modigliani and Al Pacino, in the guise of Maurice Gangnat. Filmed in recent weeks in Budapest, Moody is a biographical film filmed during the artist’s stay in Paris in 1916.

But on the big screen, Depp presents Just 48 Hours: A Snapshot of Life. Modigliani, eager to end his career and leave the city, is on the run from the police in the streets of the French capital, clashing with his fellow bohemians: the French artist Maurice Utrillo (Nini), the Belarusian Chaim Soutine and his English colleague. Muse and lover of Beatrice Hastings. However, when he meets international art collector Gangnat (Pacino), his life seems about to change.

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