“Everything is missing, from food to water”

“Everything is missing, from food to water”

“The situation is appalling – he continues – families on the border between Ukraine and Poland are divided, because Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 cannot leave the country, and they are all called to service. Women, children and the elderly work 30 hours to cross the border and then walk in the forest, because they In Poland they don’t know where to go. Either someone is waiting for them, and I have seen cars from all over Europe bringing refugees with contacts abroad, or there is chaos. There are no places to sleep, no fields, no food, no water, no blankets and diapers. Everything is needed” .

Bastianic is there with the hyenas squad but “these days it’s going from a reportage to a humanitarian mission”: with American and Italian passports there’s less queue, so we in the troupe bring basic necessities to families. But everything is starting to run out: I must say that the Polish civilians who live here help a lot. They welcome refugees and give what they have. The Polish police also easily allow anyone who can help. But we are talking about thousands of people pressing the borders, we need a humanitarian organization.”

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