Jeff Bezos, have you ever seen his private jet: It looks like an alien spaceship

Jeff Bezos, have you ever seen his private jet: It looks like an alien spaceship
Here’s Jeff Bezos’ Plane, Beautiful (Web)

Certainly the private jets of the biggest billionaires on the planet are an enviable medium from different points of view. These people love to travel quickly and comfortably in their private jets, which, of course, are bought by millions. These are the planes of the rich, Jeff Bezos will blow your mind…

We all envy the lives of the richest men on our planet. The great entrepreneurs and geniuses like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates etc.. all love to move around in their daily lives with private jets that allow them to cover long distances in a very short time.

Only in this way can they be proactive in their work and also keep several companies under control at the same time. In fact, the relationship with collaborators should be continuous, direct and take place as personal as possible so that important relationships are created that enrich the companies.

But what are the planes of the super rich? Surely there was a moment when they chose which model to follow among the available ones. Which one do you think they would choose?

This is Jeff Bezos’ plane, you won’t believe it

As we can expect, we are having multi-million euro private encounters and surely some choices of these really rich men will make many turn up their noses. Starting with the founder and former CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates. One of the first men to become famous for his wealth thanks to his work in the field of information technology.

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Its billionaire Gates is the owner of Bombardier’s Global Express BD-700. A plane of impressive dimensions, capable of accommodating up to 19 people, at a cost of $40 million. Then he got in touch with businessman Mark Cuban who also bought his first plane in 1999 for the frightening amount of $40 million. It was a Gulfstream jet V.

Here is the gulfstream650 ER’s website (web)

Same brand as the current richest man in the world or Elon Musk who currently owns a gulfstream g650er with D’Acquisto’s intimidating figure of $70 million. The use of Scivolo is clearly exaggerated by the South African businessman whose mileage in 2018 was 240,000 km.

Finally we got to the founder of Amazon who chose the same model as Elon Musk. It can be said that the great American visionary copied the founder of Tesla but in this case it is a wise choice because we are talking about one of the best brands in terms of private jets.

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