UEFA imposes fines on Juventus, Milan, Inter and Roma for financial fair play – football

UEFA imposes fines on Juventus, Milan, Inter and Roma for financial fair play – football

After days of anxiously waiting Inter, Juventus and Milan And the RomeprovisionsUEFA About the old violations Financial fair play: From this version of the European Cups the new system will come into effect. And the latest penalties that pass through settlement agreement (The guilty plea deal agreed with Nyon) struck the Italians in varying degrees. Inter and Roma agreed to return to standards in 4 years, Milan and Juventus in three. Also under observation Psg, Monaco, Marseille And the Besiktas.

How much should Italians pay and what they risk

How much are the fines? For Milan 2 million euros (15 if they don’t come back in time), for Juventus 3.5 (risk 23), Inter 4 (they could become 26), Roma 5 (or 35 if they lose the goal). Paris Saint-Germain, among the eight clubs under investigation, is most at risk: it must immediately pay 10 million euros and be subject to the criteria so as not to risk withdrawing 65. For Monaco and Marseille 300,000 euros (or 2 inches). future), for Besiktas 600 thousand (4 if he did not correct his calculations). In total, fines of 26 million euros. The total “threat” is 172 million euros.

Juventus and Milan are fine in three years

How will the teams under observation be in a good position? “The settlement agreement framework – clarifies the European Union – is identical for all clubs. The settlement agreements cover a period of 3 or 4 years. Under the 3-year settlement agreement, the clubs pledge to respect the football earnings rule during the 2025/26 season. They pledge to reach intermediate annual targets and implement Conditional financial and sporting measures in case these goals are not achieved. And the option he chose Juventus And the Milan.

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Inter and Roma, market restrictions

Inter And the Rome Instead they decided to take more time, but in exchange for more restrictions. “The 4-year settlement agreement – continues the European football governing body – differs in that it provides for an additional season to comply with the football earnings rule, but includes unconditional sporting restrictions on the registration of new players that apply starting from the 2022/23 season. Roma chose Inter Milan has a 4-year settlement agreement while all other clubs have opted for a 3-year period.” In detail, in order not to cut roses that can be used in European cups, the two companies will commit to closing sessions in a balanced or in excess.

Years analyzed by UEFA

The eight clubs did not meet the break-even requirements in fiscal years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. Fiscal years 2020 and 2021 were subject to Covid emergency measures aimed at neutralizing the negative effects of the pandemic. Under these measures, fiscal years 2020 and 2021 have been assessed as one period and clubs have been given specific adjustments for Covid-19 and to calculate the average deficit of 2020 and 2021 combined.

Lazio and Inter are under observation

In addition to the eight clubs that have been fined, 19 are on probation. Among these are Lazio and Naples. “The first section of the CFCB – we have read – has stated to these clubs that starting in the 2023 financial year, extraordinary deductions for Covid and the historical financial results set will not be possible. To these clubs will be monitored more closely as financial information has been carefully sought in the coming period. The goal, of course, is that the clubs’ general financial position is in compliance with the club’s licensing regulations and financial sustainability.” In addition to the Italians, there are Borussia Dortmund (Germany), Chelsea (England), Barcelona (ESP), Basel 1893 (SUI), 1. FC Union Berlin (Germany), Fenerbahçe (Tour), Feyenoord (Ned), Leicester City (England), Manchester City (England), Olympique Lyon (France), Rangers (Soc), Real Betis Balompie (Spain), Royal Antwerp (Bel) ), Seville (Spain), Trabzonspor (Tour), VFL Wolfsburg (Germany) and West Ham United (England).

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