How they trick you (and what you really eat) – Libero Quotidiano

How they trick you (and what you really eat) – Libero Quotidiano

There is something maybe Don’t know bread. Yes, because it can not always be sold in large quantities. Partially cookedWhether they are frozen or not, and then finish cooking at a later time, they must necessarily be packaged. But not only: as mentioned, The product must be clearly distinguished from the new product, all with a specific label that tells the consumer how to prepare it.

This is what I reiterate in a sentence Council of State Last October, in an appeal it was confirmed the rejection of the appeal filed by Bolian supermarket against ASL of Lecce, to TAR.

The sentence highlights how indicators are reported on the packaging, in addition to standard indicators, It must also contain the wording “Obtained from frozen partially cooked bread” or “obtained from partially cooked bread.” The purpose of the indicators, of course, is to ensure maximum transparency to the customer, with a very clear distinction between cooked and fresh produce.

Once again, the document states that if cooking is not completed Separate areas from sales areasBread can also be baked exceptionally in the store, as long as compliance with hygiene and health regulations is always guaranteed, and as long as there is a label with the cooking powers of the product clearly visible to the consumer. And again, the bread still had to be delivered to the customer in packages.

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