Ladies’ Paradise 6 November 19, 2021: Episode

Preview of Ladies’ Paradise 6 November 19 2021

Mass Episodes 46-50 The sixth season of the soap has ended: ILadies’ Paradise 6 On November 19, 2021 go on air on rai 1 When watching for the first time All 15:55. Alternatively, you can watch it on RaiPlay live or on-demand afterwards.

Here progress from Ladies’ Paradise 6 From November 19, 2021!

Lara Kumar (Gloria Moreau) in a scene from episode 39 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

Ladies’ Paradise 6 Episode 50 Plot

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Don Saverio He began to collect a secret Giuseppe The moment I heard part of the man’s conversation Petra. The name is known to him. Then Amato played the confession card to speak frankly with the priest without being able to report anything to him Agnes. The truth is that the wife has discovered the truth. Husband’s disappointment. In the past, a woman did her best to forgive her husband and come forward, to save the marriage not without difficulty. This time it’s different. Talk to Don Saverio and tell him the disappointment is too big to be put into a corner. She does not think that she can forgive her husband.

GemmaOn the contrary, trust it Ezio He can excuse you for your behavior. He tries to get close to his mother’s partner, hoping for a quick reconciliation. His maneuver was only partially successful. There is still a long way to go to build a healthy relationship based on mutual trust.

Gloria and Ezio They made an agreement. Moreau can stay in Milan, near Stefania, only to the point that she will not reveal her identity to the girl. Main contractor recommend a Ezio Not putting pressure on the young woman about the timing of moving to Casa Colombo. Manager Palmieri is not behaving well at all.

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Marco Makes an unruly court for a middle-class girl. Nothing would be weird, if it wasn’t for it Adelaide Find out what’s underneath…

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Giuseppe He faces a final and bitter confrontation with Agnese and Armando. Then he is ready to leave for Germany forever, and not without saying goodbye to his children. Is it really goodbye?

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